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David Riklan

Hello SelfGrowth.com Friends,

SelfGrowth.com gets Millions of visitors a year looking to find products and services to improve their lives! We have created a program called our Official Guide Premium Placement Package that provides you with a wide range of ways to Promote Yourself and Your Website. Each of these ways is designed to provide you with more traffic to your website, increase your visibility and provide you with more opportunities to partner with other experts in your industry.

Our Official Guide Premium Placement Package will provide you with additional visibility on our website and position you as the Exclusive Official Guide on SelfGrowth.com for your topic.

To get complete details about the program, call David Riklan at 732-617-1030 or email him at david@selfgrowth.com

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Do you have a website, a product or an area of expertise that you want to get in front of a Million People? Do you want to sell more products or services to a larger audience? Do you want more traffic to your website? Do you want to be exclusively featured on the #1 Self Improvement website on the Internet?

If you do, we've created a great new program just for you! To get details on the program, click on the video below or read the details on this page. Don't forget to turn up the volume on your speakers!


What are the Key Features of the

Official Guide Premium Placement Package?

Priority Exposure on SelfGrowth.com including all items below: ($1500 if purchased separately)  
Exclusive Top Positioning in Selfgrowth.com Web Directory in Your Topic included
Exclusive Top Positioning in SelfGrowth.com Article Directory in Your Topic included
Exclusive Top Positioning in SelfGrowth.com Expert Directory in Your Topic included
Exclusive Top Positioning in SelfGrowth.com Store in Your Topic included
Exclusive Top Positioning in SelfGrowth.com Event Directory in Your Topic included
Priority Positioning in our Self Improvement Experts Directory included
Priority Exposure on our SelfGrowth.com Homepage on a Rotating Basis included
Exclusive Official Guide Status for your topic on SelfGrowth.com included
Direct Email and Video Promotion to over 200,000 people  
Email Promotion to our Self Improvement Newsletter List of 200,000 Subscribers ($1000 if purchased separately) included
Facebook Live Interview Series with David Riklan promoted on Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo included
Guaranteed 12,500 Video Views On your Interview on Facebook ($1000 if purchased separately) included
Coaching and Support Services  
Personal Consultation with David Riklan to help you grow your business ($500 if purchased separately) included
Concierge Article Submission Service on our site included
Quarterly Promotion Through Twitter, and Facebook to over 100,000 followers included
Complete access to over 200 hours of training through SelfGrowthMarketing.com including all items below: ($500 if purchased separately)  
Facebook Training included
Linkedin Training included
Twitter Training included
Instagram Training included
Video and Youtube Training included
List Building and E-mail Marketing included
Investment for the Official Guide Premium Placement Package


For Additional Details, Contact David Riklan
Phone Number: 732-617-1030
E-Mail: david@selfgrowth.com


What are the Key Benefits of the

Official Guide Premium Placement Package?

Increase traffic from the following:    
Increase traffic from promotion in our Facebook Live Interview on Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo with a guarantee of 12,500 Video Views.    
Increase traffic from top placement in your category on SelfGrowth.com    
Increase traffic from promotion in our Self Improvement Newsletter to 200,000 subscribers    
Increase traffic from promotion through Twitter and Facebook promotion through the program    
Increase traffic from rotation on Homepage on SelfGrowth.com    
Increase traffic from Articles submissions on SelfGrowth.com    
Increase direct sales and subscribers from the following:    
Increase direct sales from website traffic    
Increase direct sales from product placement on SelfGrowth.com    
Leverage coaching and SelfGrowth.com's relationships with the following:    
Increase revenue by implementing strategy received during 1 on 1 coaching Session with David Riklan    
Improve Conversion rate on your website based on advice from David Riklan    
Get Offline and Online Exposure with the following:    
Get contacted by journalists and reporters for newspaper/radio or television    
Get invited to be a guest on teleseminars and webinars    
Receive speaking engagements through Exposure in Official Guide Program    
Investment for the Official Guide Premium Placement Package


Testimonials about SelfGrowth.com, David Riklan, and his programs

I have known David Rikan for many years and have advertised using the Official Guide Program program and his SelfGrowth Email Blasts and have always been very pleased with the results. If you want to spread your message wide and far, my recommendation is: go ahead and give them a go!
John La Valle, President of the Society of NLP

I have known David Riklan since he first founded SelfGrowth.com many years ago. Every time SelfGroth.com promotes my work I am inundated with so many new clients and thousands of new sign-ups. His team is the very BEST, and you can trust them always. That is a hard thing to do with so many marketing consultants offering us the world and wanting our business. Just go with David and his team and you TOO will be more successful worldwide.
Michele Blood – The Mystical Experience

“I am amazed at the quality of the leads that have come from self growth which resulted in $64,000 in sales just yesterday with more calls this week. I have a goal of a $100,000 week. Thank you once again.”
Mark Bowness, Creator – 7 Figure Tribe

After only a few short months working with David Riklan and SelfGrowth.com, I have identified close to $4,000 in new monthly revenue. The assistance, knowledge and ideas have been invaluable and enabled me to refocus my business. I have also found Joint Venture partners through my participation in the program that will enable me to continue to grow my business.
-Eileen Boyle, Life Coach, Business Coach & Consultant

I’ve used SelfGrowth.com’s email blasts many times, both for my mystery novels and for the relationship and personal growth seminars that Katie and I teach. They are great people to deal with—always prompt, personable and helpful. I highly recommend working with them to get your message out in a professional and profitable way.
Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. ,Author of The Big Leap

"I'm still collaborating with the people I met through David Riklan's, They were absolutely invaluable in getting my brand out into the world to the people I needed to reach."
Julia Indichova, author/CEO FertileHeart.com

“David Riklan’s Social Media program is the BEST! Highly informative with easy to follow webinars. Great for newbies and the experienced. My result? A vast increase in visibility and a healthy jump in new clients"
Barbara McRae, MCC, The Savvy Success Coach

Engaging with SelfGrowth.com’s Email Blasts continues to create profitable business opportunities for me even after multiple sends. Spreading my message to new people is what they do best.
Coach Stephanie Wood. Body Confidence Expert

"If your desire is to have an abundance of success on the Internet, email marketing is an absolutely essential part of what is required to be successful. Email marketing AND list promotion WAS and IS the key factor that helped me achieve my New York Times Best-Selling Author status AND it has helped me and continues to help me enjoy a successful and profitable business. David Riklan and SelfGrowth.com were instrumental in my success.
-Peggy McColl, The Millionaire Author Mentor

I am one of the first Student's for David Riklan's programs which helped me in countless ways including some fantastic mastermind connections.
Vanessa Simpkins - America's Sales Attraction Coach

"David's E-Book Success Mentoring Course is one of the best I've ever taken and I'm a learning junkie who works with CEOs every month. I used to hire 350 speakers a year who we flew in from all over the country. So I think I've heard them all. But David did a very professional job, incredibly knowledgeable, open, flexible and a great teacher. He's 10 plus on my scale."
John F. Beehner, AskWiseCounsel.com


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For Additional Details, Contact David Riklan
Phone Number: 732-617-1030
E-Mail: david@selfgrowth.com

We are confident that our Official Guide Premium Placement Package can help propel your business to the next level.

Click Here to Enroll in our Program and Become an Official Guide

If you have any immediate questions, just send an email right now to david@selfgrowth.com or call him at 732-617-1030

We Wish You Every Success With our Official Guide Premium Placement Package!

David Riklan