Even though the astrologers had collected the data of the type of things that could happen

in our life under various positions of various fixed stars and various astrological
planets in the life of the people having different Ascendant Signs, it has been

established through statistical studies that such events could have not happened in all

the cases ever. So even if our life pattern would have not changed no prediction could

have been expected to have been right all the time.

Everything that happens in our life, does not depend entirely on the positions of the

fixed stars and the position of the astrological planets alone.

For instance, think of derailment of a train. Do you think all the people who die during a

derailment could ever have something common in their Natal Charts that should have been

the cause of the death of all of them on the same day and in the same way? If so, should

you believe in astrology?
Now think of the deaths that occur during the flooding of the roads in the cities like

Mumbai whenever it rains heavily. Rains depend on meteorology and floods in metropolitan

cities depend on poor drainage system not on the positions of the stars. Do you think the

stars could also tell whether we shall be living in a city that may not be having good

drainage system? Do you think the positions of the stars may have anything to do with the

amount of the budget allotted for setting the drainage system of a city in order that may

get bunked off?
Could stars also tell us that we shall be living in a city where people at the helm shall

siphon away funds allotted for upgrading the drainage system of the city? Do you think

stars could play any role in the functioning of the civic body of a metropolitan city? If

no, doesn’t astrology simply make tall claims that it can tell you everything about your

All economically strong nations keep on wrestling among themselves to gain superiority

over other nations and the common people only have to bear the brunt. Do you think stars

could also tell which country may drop a nuclear bomb on which country when or when it may

fire nuclear missiles on which country? If no, should you really believe in astrology?

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