He’s a globe trotting Sagittarius who sailed solo out of Southern California on June 14, 2008 at the age of sixteen, spent his 17th birthday at sea and returned to Southern California July 16, 2009. Zac Sunderland set a world record for the youngest person to sail alone around the world. What kind of personality could do this?

When I first looked up this amazing young man astrologically, I was not at all surprised to find that his November 29, 1991 birth date showed he was born a Sagittarius. Sagittarians love adventure.

Each sun sign has several life purposes associated with that personality and because of each soul’s free will, can choose among many pathways specific to its chosen sun sign.

Let me give you several very good examples of what Zac had to work with. Sagittarians have a high likelihood of having intense interests in:

• Long distance travel
• Foreign cultures
• Book publishing
• Courts of law
• Higher education
• Exploration
• Horses
• Importing
• International commerce
• Philosophy
• Foreign politics
• Shipping
• Writing

As you can see, he had many choices as to where he would use his God-given gifts. He chose, at least so far, to make use of shipping (sort of) and long distance travel. Does the soul choose to be born at a time that would allow it to capitalize on certain energies to match its blueprint or does the soul come into this life and make a blueprint later to match its goals? I don’t know. It’s a deep philosophical question. Oh, how very Sagittarian!

Major astrological influences on Zac Sunderland’s young life includes the following:
Sun Sagittarius
Moon Virgo
Mercury Sagittarius
Venus Libra
Mars Sagittarius
Jupiter Virgo
Saturn Aquarius
Uranus Capricorn
Neptune Capricorn
Pluto Scorpio

Let’s take a look at what these influences can do for Zac’s life purpose.

SUN SIGNS SAGITTARIUS: A free spirit in nature, he was born with the wanderlust spirit. Had he not been strongly influenced by his parent’s interest in sailing, he might well have gone into some other exploratory adventure. He will always see the entire world, even the universe as his own back yard and playground.

MOON VIRGO: A place and reason for everything, and everything in its place. This is Zac Sunderland’s underlying reason for everything he does. He always has a useful motive for his actions and rarely makes rash decisions, unusual for a Sagittarius. His emotions never get the best of him and I’ll bet he found that quality quite useful on his dangerous sail around the world.

MERCURY SAGITTARIUS: This is a deep thinker and I can just picture him out on the deck of his sailboat at night, thousands of miles from anywhere, talking with God. Asking all the big questions, such as, “Why are we here? What is our purpose? Why is there war?” he has a close and personal relationship with the God of his mind. He needs to write about his adventures and ‘round the world record setting achievements. He has the ability.

VENUS LIBRA: I know that part of what he discovered on this solo journey was the incredible love of beauty he found in nature. He’s a poet at heart and more fully expanded his need for beauty and grace while on this expedition. He noticed a rhythm in the waves, almost as if the sea itself were breathing. He found grace in the starlit skies at night and knew the meaning of love and companionship, even though he sailed alone.

MARS SAGITTARIUS: Zac Sunderland goes to great lengths to get what he desires. He’s competitive and a born athlete. Did you know that he was able to buy the boat for his adventure with money he had saved repairing and sailing dinghies during the summers? This says something important about the values taught to him by his parents. He lives his belief that, “I guess the point is to have a dream, pursue it and don’t give up.” He did this with a certain amount of fearlessness which is amazing for someone so young.

JUPITER VIRGO: Zac’s soul chose the parents he did because their lifestyle could afford him the opportunity to follow his life’s work. He was sailing almost before he could walk and even lived aboard a sailboat for much of his life. In his case, it proves that good fortune comes to those who make good choices. He chose the right family to further his Life’s Work.

SATURN AQUARIUS: He likes to teach (Saturn) on a world wide level and made use of this in a very unusual (Aquarian) way during his voyage around the world. Because he believes in promoting healthy eating and produce consumption, particularly among kids, he featured the Produce for Kids (his sponsor), Shuman’s RealSweet and Mastronardi’s Sunset Produce logos on the side of his sailboat. Win, win. He promotes something he believes in and receives money to help fund his venture.

URANUS CAPRICORN: I don’t know much about his father, but I’ll bet he is a very unusual (Uranus) man (Capricorn). Zac has learned leadership in non conventional ways and I suspect that he will achieve his Life’s Work in an out-of-the-ordinary way. Don’t be surprised if Zac leads the way into yet undiscovered professions. With this placement he kind of reminds me of the Brad Pitt movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, where he was born old and as he aged became even younger.

NEPTUNE CAPRICORN: Zac Sunderland switches back and forth between imagination and reality. He has a finely tuned intuitive streak that allows him to solve problems based on his intuition rather than practical knowledge. In other words, he gets practical results toward achievement when he makes use of his intuitive instincts. That sounds like a mouthful of marbles. Let me restate this: whenever Zac wants to achieve something major in his life and runs into obstacles, he has easy access to intuitive guidance which helps him easily find solutions. Intuition, yes it works.

PLUTO SCORPIO: He will heal something major and it will likely be personal as well as public. Perhaps it’s the health of children, as seen by his boat sponsor. He can be much like a movie star in that his fame will be the pathway toward having his voice or beliefs heard in order to make changes. There are plenty of people out there who have wonderful causes, but have trouble being heard because no one knows who they are. Not so for Zac, now that he has set a world record as the youngest person to circumnavigate the seas alone. Now it’s time to use his fame to step up for a healing cause.

It’s so interesting and encouraging to have role models who strive to accomplish their Life’s Work, who we can watch and cheer for as they achieve their goals. When we look closely at Zac Sunderland, we can see clearly what he is supposed to do with his life and why. It will be an adventure to watch how he capitalizes on his new found fame in order to make the world a better place.

You too have a purpose and Life’s Work to accomplish. Deep within your heart is something significant that you are to bring to this planet. Stop following the losers and find healthy role models like Zac and follow in the footsteps of their successes. Observe what works and what delays your purpose. Research such things as your astrological profile for clues as to what it is you are supposed to contribute and in what methods you can make those contributions. You are a child of God and important. I wish you blessings and success in all your endeavors.

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Professional Astrologer, Psychic, Medium and Past Life Regressionist, Kathi Calahan has been in the psychic industry for more than 25 years. She is a different type of astrologer who encourages you not to follow the stars, so much as to look into the personality traits associated with the planets, signs and houses of your natal chart so you can know the purpose and direction of your Life's Work. She says that your own free will determines the outcome of the path you walk, not the stars. Her favorite quote is from the Greek philosopher, Socrates, who said "Know thyself." For further information go to www.AmericanLovePsychic.com