You do all kinds of things which are necessary in your life. Yet one thing remains common and that is your consciousness, a golden thread running through all your actions. Your body changes and your actions change, but you're there unchanged.

When you change your context by increasing your awareness, improving your knowledge, and investigating your beliefs, your actions change yet your consciousness remains.

Many people judge the action, they investigate neither the context nor the consciousness from which the action is born. Yet some say that the secret of success is the intention you have when you do what you do, since everyone makes mistakes!

Mistakes start as a toddler when you fall over learning to walk, and continue throughout life. You may innocently use a clumsy phrase and someone else gets upset. But how can you have freedom of speech without accepting the possibility of people taking offense?

Is your Context Mundane?
Investigate the context in which each action is born to change your life. I have changed my life by improving my context each time I failed on my way to success!

If your life is full of mundane acts, it could be because your context is mundane. Another secret of success is to provide rich, fertile ground instead. But how?

Add your Own Energy
Anything accepted from another is at best second-hand, this includes both their knowledge and their beliefs. They may also have believed it without investigation, which means it's third-hand, fourth-hand, or even more stale.

To what anyone else says, add your energy. Don't self sabotage by letting it remain a belief, investigate and ascertain its real truth for yourself.

Knowledge only becomes authentically yours once you've put in your own energy. This secret of success is that there's little power for you in a belief because there's little of you in a belief. There's real power in your authentic knowledge because you've gained your own experience as you worked out your own interpretation.

You improve your context when you investigate the beliefs others want you to accept. Without the freshness and originality only you can bring to what you know, your context becomes mundane and boring. And so do you.

Your experience of the journey
They say that life is a journey. The path is different for everyone although the ground to be traversed is much the same for all of us. Like an ocean voyage, everyone has their own experience although the cruise is the same.

Another person can tell you their experience, and warn you about the pitfalls they encountered, but if you don't follow your own path, you self sabotage. You're an original human being with your own unique context, slavishly copying another destroys your individuality.

Enjoy your own uniqueness, rather than copying someone else, is another secret of success. Improve your context to enjoy the ride even more!

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Food for Thought
"You cannot tailor-make your situation in life, but you can tailor-make your attitudes to fit those situations."

- Zig Ziglar, American author, master salesman, motivational speaker

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