What is the very most important thing that I can say about your voice and about singing? Perhaps it is that, your voice is your birthright. Voice is the primary way that we relay information to others. As we speak, however, only a small percentage of what we actually “say” is in our words. There are worlds of meaning and expression contained in the actual sound of our voices – its pitch, timbre, speed, volume, variety and how it originates in our bodies.

As babies we all have natural voices. When was a baby ever concerned about how their voice sounded? And yet, with no training whatsoever, babies cry and coo and chortle and delight us all with their vocal expressions. Of course, some babies cry a lot and instead of having their needs met in response they are given subtle, and not so subtle, responses to shut up. They may not get what they need either. Even babies who are happy may be told to keep quiet – that their happiness is too loud.

What a way to start out! And we wonder why so many people think they can’t sing – or truly believe that they have bad voices!? But, the insult to our voices doesn’t stop there. As children we are compared, ridiculed and sometimes shamed or beaten into silence.

This voice that we have each been given is as unique and beautiful to each of us as our fingerprint or our smile. Our voice is intimately connected with the natural and direct expression of our self, our needs and our emotional state. What actually happens to people who are cut off from that ability to naturally and authentically tap the deep reservoir of our being? And what happens to a society where large numbers of its citizens no longer sing? Is there a loss of health, vitality, coherence and the ability to work for common goals?

People who sing are healthier and happier. I’m not saying that learning to sing, or singing in a choir will cure your physical disease, but I am saying that singing will return gifts to you that you never realized you had been cut off from. Your life will transform in richness, authenticity, connection and self-awareness. Your marriage may improve, countries may find paths to peace, children may see their dreams realized.

So, step out and sing! What have you got to lose besides shame, constriction, old trauma and the things that hold you back from the full expression of who you are?

Author's Bio: 

Robin Kissinger is the host of an internet radio show "Sing4All on iRadio - Transforming Lives with the Power of Singing on www.VoiceAmerica.com. Robin first started singing, as we all do, as a baby – expressing her joy and contentment and upsets. Later she sang in her mother’s choirs while she developed as a classically trained pianist. Robin has both a Bachelors and a Masters in music and has been a member of the Musician’s Union. As a pianist she has performed in London, Budapest and Seoul and she has taught in colleges and universities for over twenty-six years - teaching piano and coaching opera and chamber music.

In 1994, inspired by her love of song and singing, Robin began studying with leaders in sound healing practices focusing on the power of the voice. For more than eight years Robin has been facilitating groups in ceremonies and workshops that use singing practices for transformation. Her CD of original power songs and her book, Sing for Your Life!, will be out soon. Robin has also assisted indigenous elders in ceremonies at sacred sites with song and chant.

Robin’s creation, Sing4All (www.sing4all.com), leads in developing programs to harness the many powers of singing for individuals, communities and businesses. Robin is also a Life Coach who works with Transformational Song and connecting Soul to Self.