Recognizing Compassion in the self and exercising it will help tremendously in our spiritual growth. Our compassion for others is the measure of our spiritual awareness. When you accept yourself and others, it gives you the power to use your compassion and make a huge difference in your experience. We all come from different walks of life but it is the essential commonality that is the thread that holds us together as one. While on this journey we must become masters of the self and mastering our compassion is one of the key steps toward that achievement.

Compassion is the recognition that the needs of another are not so different from our own needs. The pain experienced by others is not so different from our own pain. The hurt we would feel in a trying situation is similar to the way another would experience it. Compassion would have us to reach out to others in need, despite who they are, where they come from, and where they stand in society. It gives us the ability to feel empathy for others and act toward them in a nonjudgmental way.

When we have compassion in any situation it becomes a belief in the highest and best thoughts held for another. We have faith that their ability to be an instrument of God is greater than what they are actually demonstrating at the time. This recognition of their greater potential can be a hidden gift, because compassionate intentions do not need to be known by the recipient for the blessings to flow upon them. Jesus demonstrated this every time he recognized a person as a child of God. He believed in them, giving them the power to actualize their greatness.

Acceptance will make a difference in the way you view others. Look at the ways of our world and tell me how much of it can you change. If we bring our focus to the center of self we will find that the only thing to change is self. We get caught up in the ebbs and flows of society and it teaches us to see differences which are of the surface. When we look from this position as the observer we see everyone living through the same things but reacting to them in their own unique way.

Some people are more troubled by reality than others, but still in all, the reaction is not one of compassion. Accepting life's experiences for what it is and changing yourself by increasing your ability to exercise compassion will give you the power to change the self and the things around you. Having compassion for the people around you means you accept and respect the path they've taken in their life. This level of compassion fueled Jesus's ability to heal the sick and feed the hungry. View your fellow man with compassion, accept their position in life and you will start to see the transformation of self begin.

We all live a life that is in many ways common and as the observer, we must realize the commonalities that exist in our reality. We all feel hurt, suffer from sickness, cry when we have a reason like in the loss of a loved one. We all enjoy fun, being appreciated, being loved by family and friends, yet we fail to look past the surface to see that in others. Instead we see the color of skin, the kind of clothes one wears or how they wear them, their size and their nationality. Do we find the real person by simply looking at the surface?

What we truly have in common lies in the energy that created us. We are all made of the same divine cloth, gently cut out and lovingly sewn to perfection by our maker. We hold common threads of existence across time and space, existing in human form as well as in spiritual form. In reality, we all hold a common goal: to awake and connect with the divine as a conscious, sentient being. We are the same as others in that we all desire to feel peace and a sense of belonging. It is this common bond of oneness, this desire for the same thing, that makes us one: made of the same cloth. Knowing this and believing it strengthens our bond and our ability to hold compassion for ourselves and others.

There are many problems in life and most of it stems from our not knowing our true nature. When we realize our true potential, we can move more smoothly into the mastery of ourselves. Becoming a master of living is our reason for being here and in becoming that, we give the rest of humanity a reason to follow our example. The master walks unfettered upon the earth, not bound by the conventions of others, not fearing what people will think when he reaches out with compassion to others. As a master of living, you see the mastery within others and you treat them with respect, love, and compassion. To become a master you must first believe the master lives in you.

For your spiritual growth, start exercising compassion for yourself and others. Recognizing compassion in your life is very important to your spiritual development. It is time to accept our differences and move on to developing our appreciation for others. Our consciousness will expand and grow in ways that will bring peace to our experience. We share a lot in common but the most important is to see the good things we have in common, like our desire to experience joy and love in our lives. The mastery of self is the end result in all experiences. One by one we must shed away the beliefs that keep us from sharing our compassion for one another. Through compassion, we can make a world of difference for all and raise our consciousness and spiritual awareness..

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