Commitment can be seen as a muscle, a mental muscle. And just like physical muscles, the secret of success is to keep your mental muscles fit and toned.

Keep fit Physically
Physically, exercise keeps your muscles strong. Yes, I know that physical workout can be a pain. I've stopped asking my body if it wants to go to the gym, it always says no! But it gets easier once I tell myself that since I'm here I might as well work out properly. The shower afterwards is generally the most enjoyable part!

When you stop putting energy into your physical muscles, they start getting feeble. In fact, some say that there's no such thing as stasis, there's only change in one direction or another, which implies both you as well as your muscles are either getting stronger or weaker!

[Aside. Years ago, a friend told me how to avoid the problem of adult diapers. You'll change your life by stopping the flow whenever you answer a call of nature. Do this three times each and every time, and you'll never suffer the embarrassment of needing adult diapers when you're old. How can you lose? Just do it!]

Keep fit Mentally
How do you strengthen your mental capabilities? First, see them as muscles to exercise. Realize that to make it easier for you to create what you want, you need to make all your tools of creation - Thought, Word and Deed (action) - stronger. You can change your life by increasing the power of your Word.

If you want a muscle to support you in achieving your goals, then exercise it. Make it strong. See that when you give your word, you are making an informal commitment. Formal written commitments, when kept, are even stronger.

Don't give your word lightly, it's saying to yourself that you didn't really mean it anyway. But this reinforces that your Word means nothing to you. And then it is meaningless and has no power, just as you've said.

Starting out slowly is the secret of success, so choose a small commitment, anything will do. Perhaps say you'll balance on one leg while cleaning your teeth every day for a week. This improves your balance, and strengthens your legs as well as your word as you balance. Do something to remind you to do it, so you don't forget. If you do forget, then do whatever you need to do to redress the situation. Which may mean cleaning your teeth again!

Breaking your Word
Even when you are dedicated to keeping your word, you may find that you break it. This is the Absence Process at work, allowing you to learn what it feels like when a commitment is broken. Either you break your word, or someone else doesn't keep their word to you.

Either way, although it has less than desirable consequences, it's instructive. Whenever you break your word, you're choosing to experience more negativity, more scarcity in your life. This reminds you that the secret of success is only to choose actions with desirable consequences. Thus you motivate yourself to choose more intelligently - to keep your Word - next time!

Realize that mental strength is crucial in bringing your goals and dreams to fruition. Without a commitment, it's less likely to happen. So strengthen your Word - it'll help realize your dreams!

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Food for Thought

"What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity."

- J. Sidlow Baxter 1903-1999, Australian author and theologian.

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