To determine your personal year add the total sum of your month and day of birth to 7 (the number of the universal year 2023). For example, March 3 is 3+3+7=13=1+3=4 personal year. Or October 4 is l+0+4+7=12=1+2=3 personal year. Or December 25 is 1+2+2+5+7=17=1+7=8 personal year (master numbers have not been included here). Find your personal year below.

If You are in a 1 Personal Year-This time finds you confused in your quest for truth and expanded awareness. Having spent time in quiet contemplation and meditation you have found some contentment within, but you are troubled by all of the contempt and disharmony in the outer world around you. This can be a time of searching, struggling, and seeking a more proactive organization or collective of people seeking a more benign and cooperative humanity. Universal law does not seem to prevail in human discourse and you want to live it and be around those who also choose to do so. This will come and your star will shine soon as you face the travails of the coming year.

Although social conditions around you are deteriorating and confused, you are more determined to find your direction and life intent. Such determination is an inspiration to those around you in these times of turmoil. It is likely that memories of past lives and karmic patterns become more frequent and relevant. You are doing a better job of sorting out priorities and demonstrating better discernment.

If You are in a 2 Personal Year-Perhaps you recognize how you have living with a false persona: an image that gets public acceptance, but is not getting your inner acceptance. Perhaps you are starting to receive added glimpses of your eternal inner being. The trust and clarity that come with acknowledging this new connection allows you to see the world in a new light. It also helps you to make decisions that are of immense importance to your destiny. Your skilled judgment and sense of fair play make you sought after as a negotiator and peace maker among those who are at odds and conflict with each other. You find yourself becoming more active in public issues as the year progresses.

Rewards are on the way for all of those years you have spent studying and applying deeper spiritual principles. You will find that others are starting to hear the truth that you speak and demonstrate through deed and action. You will become more recognized and active as a teacher and leader in your community and social arena.

If You are in a 3 Personal Year-This year finds you experiencing a wide range of emotional experiences ranging from sublime to despair. You struggle to connect to the light stream emanating from heart center of Creation. You seek a more consistent connection to the universal heart beat and rhythm of the cosmic dance. Unresolved negative issues are in the way of letting you experience greater moments of joy and self discovery. The power of prayer, extended perception and trust of intuition can help you to establish a more desired life experience. Good friends, good times and good growth can be within reach before this year reaches a conclusion.

Perhaps guilt from your karmic past is interfering with your growth. Perhaps it is just hidden issues of abuse from your early childhood that still lingers in the shadows of your unconscious. Clearing out this old debris leaves you with a better grasp of the present and more empowered to fulfill your deepest inner aspirations.

If You are in a 4 Personal Year-You could very well sense a surge of courage, discipline and vision which makes you more in command of taking on a role of leadership in a social environment that is dangerously out of control. You are further aided by like souls who share your vision and aspiration to bring about a better world. For several years there may have been a nagging little voice from the depth of your soul which has been hinting that you have something much more important to accomplish in your life. As this year progresses, you find yourself further motivated to seek out your deeper destiny and purpose of your soul. Contentment comes with good deeds done.

As this year progresses, you find yourself coming into contact with people who have a similar portrait of improving world conditions. You experience being with coworkers who share a common vision of cooperative spirit. This brings, joy, fun and humor back into the workplace be it mundane or spiritual.

If You are in a 5 Personal Year-This is a good time for you to apply your spiritual knowledge that has been coming in through your visions and dreams. You are guided to rituals of cleansing and release of patterns that no longer work for you. This may include areas of diet, beliefs, addictions and old emotional patterns. You soar to lofty heights of enticing philosophies and concepts of utopian living that border on sci-fi. Yet, within the concept are impossibilities that such elevated images can be manifested into this troubled world. There is truth in your assumption and this is a time to bring forth your very best. The rewards are thrilling beyond imagination as you glimpse the future of our planet and become a part of making it so.

You now realize that there is a greater directive inspiring your life pattern, and you are able and willing to make changes to align yourself with a more cosmic code of behavior. Perhaps the greatest realization is realizing that the future is now. To many this seems to be a paradox, but in the light of discovery comes perfect understanding.

If You are in a 6 Personal Year-Perhaps the universe has you in stores for true blessings. Perhaps deep down you do not feel worthy or ready to receive. What if it is true? Less emotion and more attention can lead you to a better grasp of the Divine plan. You may feel that you have given generously throughout your life, have wondered why it has not come back to you. Perhaps you have manipulative strings attached that cloud your purpose and motive. There may be a lingering doubt of divine justice in the back of your mind. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you receive before this year is over. In your search for that perfect relationship you may just discover it within yourself

This is a good time to closely scrutinize your dysfunctional issues and consider releasing negative emotions from the past. Your intuition is working overtime to clarify the idea of balancing the archetypes of masculine and feminine energy within self. You may well find yourself working toward clarity and resolution of this 0rocess as you navigate a growing relationship that has been evolving now for some

If You are in a 7 Personal Year-You are struggling to discard notions that seemed to have worked for you most of your life. However, if you examine them honestly, you will find that these old notions have brought you to a dead end both of knowledge and experience. Perhaps you have pondered the mysteries of the cosmos and divine for a long time. For many of you the time has come to receive answers in this quest of the deepest cosmic riddles. The basics of cosmic evolution and laws now seem natural to understand. You suddenly realize how to apply long time abstract metaphysical and spiritual lessons with demonstratable results. They are simple and so, too, will more facets of your life.

Some of your old religious and scientific beliefs are being challenged and updated through both guidance and research. Perhaps you have held a position of authority in an intellectual environment that brought you recognition and prestige. You were bound to the very limited doctrine you espoused. You realize that much of that no longer is applicable in this day and age.

If You are in an 8 Personal Year-Maybe you have reached a point in life where you have acquired many material and social comforts considered desirable by the socially correct image of the times. Perhaps you are respected and accomplished. You have gotten recognition form others, but are you content within yourself? Something seems missing that creates a void in an otherwise fulfilling life. You hold a position of authority in public, but do you hold a position of authority within yourself? Quiet moments of meditation and internal focus can open your inner eye to a vision of empowerment and greater purpose and meaning in your life.

An honest appraisal of self could lead to discovery of some issues of abuse of authority lingering from your past. Such long repressed patterns in the unconscious raise their ugly heads at a crucial time and could cause you to sabotage much accomplishment. This could be the right time to get someone else’s assistance in resolving this issue.

If You are in a 9 Personal Year-This is a year of some sublime highs and most troublesome of lows. You may well experience further glimpses of cosmic probabilities and universal laws at work. You seek to better reflect the grandeur and perfection of the divine blueprint. Since some of these glimpses have come so easily, you can lack the discipline and initiative to make a more permanent connection. It becomes more evident to you that you still have some nagging issues in your negative unconscious. Information coming in from above can be valuable to also recognize what is troubling you from below! What a wonderful ride in growth as you learn to integrate both you outer and inner consciousness.

Fear and distrust of inner guidance leads to further confusion and possibly cutting yourself off from connecting to your eternal Source. If this is true, you will most likely find yourself attracting the right mentor, teacher or guru who can assist you with the process of releasing the old negative karmic patterns that get in the way. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Author's Bio: 

Who is this somewhat mysterious numbers man Lynn Buess, MA, EdS, and what is he about? In his own words here is some insight.
“When working with numbers, healing, counseling, creating or communicating I have always tried to put the truth forward first”. In these times it is often most difficult to determine just what that is since the conventional historical and media sources have become so badly compromised and sold out to distortion and lies.
I have for years seen into a darker side of things, and periodically enlightened perspective, as the result of three factors of my life which have shaped a perspective not privy to most of the population.
(Number 1) Having completed three degrees in psychology and psychological counseling, along with training in multiple alternative healing modalities, I developed Synergy Sessions.
In these sessions I explored some of the most hidden issues of present and past lives, karma and subconscious negativity (abuse, hatred, betrayal, murder, torture, manipulation, deception, etc, etc.) within thousands of clients. This along with the psychic and psychological clues garnered from tens of thousands of numerology and tarot sessions.
(Number 2) In the early 1980’s I experienced a soul regressed memory back through time and space to the birth of an atom in a big bang like birth experience. Then the journey progressed through myriads of galaxies and into our solar system for a quick journey through the planetary schools of the system. And, finally back to old earth and into the current consciousness. This experience has left me with a kind of cosmic overview to our place in life and in creation that I wish every person could at one time (or more) pass through.
(Number 3) During the Vietnam Era I did my tour of duty as a Military Intelligence special agent. I’m not going to try and pass myself off as a former master spy or high level handler. I did experience the Newark riots of 1967 up close, stood beside leaders of communist nations, conducted counterintelligence missions, and did some liaison work with members of other similar agencies. My primary mission was conducting background investigations for those getting security clearances.
What I did gain was insight into the mentality of the Intelligence community and the nature of propaganda, control, subversions and other collective hidden and often dark activities. And, how so much of what is disseminated by institutions is a lie.
All of the three above collective experiences have resulted in how I present my contributions in my articles and readings. This has led to me at one time receiving the ultimate compliment from dumb and dumbest as a “conspiracy nut wacko”. The simple answer to that kind of ignorance and naivete is: the conspiracy theorist and believer is not a wacko when the information is true.
And so it is, amid all of this crap and chaos or our time I try to do my best to sort out the ongoing truth. Over the years this has led me to be come at times disillusioned, satirical, discouraged and even cynical at the labors of humanity. Through it all I still would like to believe in the goodness of heart and the possibility of living in a true world of peace not controlled regulation.