“Knowledge has infinite organizing power.”

−Deepak Chopra

I will be posting some important points to ponder over the coming days as you expect my next video blog, when I will introduce the first tool/discipline required to gain control over your thoughts, words and deeds:

The first point: THOUGHTS ARE NOT FACTS.

The brain is a non-conscious organ that functions like a computer processing ONLY what it can with the programs installed on it. If the brain has not been given the software to process information (through formal education and/or socializing), it computes the material as nonsense, much like a pc would read a Word document without the Microsoft Word™ program installed. The document is not nonsense simply because our pc doesn’t have the programming to understand it. It is, however, nonsense to dismiss the document as nonsense! There are many ways to compensate for different operating systems and programs so that the facts on the page, which remain absolute regardless of processor, are comprehensible by all. Likewise, when we judge others and dismiss their opinions and actions, we are the fools. Their experience is very real for them and we may miss some valuable information if we don’t make the effort to bridge the gap between our different programming and conditioning/socializing.

What are some examples of this phenomenon that you have experienced? Have you ever changed your mind? Have you ever strongly disagreed with someone (your parents, perhaps) and marveled at your alignment with them years later? If you have ever once changed your mind, you know that believing you are right about anything is not sound.

Another example is religious disdain or worse yet, intolerance. The fact that a religion works for one group of people doesn’t indicate that no other religion is has value; yet, we see countless examples of judgments without thorough comprehension.

When we are ‘unteachable,’ closed-minded or attached to the way things have always been, we subject ourselves to varying degrees of limitation, irrelevance and isolation as if we refuse to upgrade various hardware or software for a computer. This is true for the most intelligent of as well as the least! I saw a conversation on Larry King between Stephen Hawkin and Deepak Chopra and realized that for all of his genius, Stephen Hawking was actually dismissing Deepak Chopra’s claims because they had not been his experience. Additionally, he had never even tried to gain that experience!

We must be open to the experiences of others, challenge our comfort zone, and embrace change to evolve. I’m not sure where I first heard this expression, but I sure do love it:

“When I am alone in my mind, I am in enemy territory.”


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“when we understand that our circumstances and personal life experiences are the result of our inner life and not the cause, we will pursue peace of mind at all cost.”
~ laura nash

Laura Nash is a consultant and instructor, guiding both individuals and groups to attain their goals using a surprisingly simple and effective vehicle: PEACE OF MIND. Her clients come from all walks of life - CEOs and senior executives of major corporations, professional athletes, artists, physicians — anyone seeking to improve their life. Her philosophy is that people already intuitively know how to solve any dilemma; they merely get bogged down by the details of an issue or the emotion surrounding it, that they cannot discern their own answers. Laura demonstrates how to cut through all the chaos and drama of life to arrive at the simple solution.

Stress is the root of all dysfunction in our lives, physically, emotionally or socially. Proper meditation is one of the most powerful antidotes to stress, along with a sense of purpose and meaningful relationships (with ourselves as well as others). With Laura’s guidance, you will learn to effortlessly meditate your way to:
gain mastery over your inner dialogue
acquire peace of mind
sharpen your focus and mental clarity
improve relationships on all levels (intimate, familial, social and business)
maintain balance and calm through adversity
choose your circumstances instead of reacting to them
experience a profound sense of satisfaction and fulfillment day to day
live a life of meaning and purpose

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Whether the issues you are grappling with are personal or professional in nature, the path to self-directed freedom is the same. Laura illuminates the process and clearly guides you as you learn how to find success within yourself, independent of any external source or circumstance. Her private clients are individuals seeking solutions in their personal lives, as well as professionals who want to change circumstances at work. She works with clients in person, via video-conferencing and over the phone. Having experienced profound transformation personally, Laura is a pragmatic, safe, and inspirational source of motivation for those who seek that change.

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In addition to her life-changing meditation seminars, Laura facilitates workshops for corporations and groups. Topics include: “Stress Is a Choice,” “Conflict Resolution,” “Out of the Box Thinking,” and more. All topics are effective keynote addresses, half or full day workshops or overnight retreats and can be combined to suit the needs of your organization. Clients have a unique and important option when working with Laura; she provides participants the opportunity to maintain the enthusiasm established during these corporate events by making herself available via ongoing telecasts, webinars, and workshops. Her experience and encouragement is the vital component as participants succeed in practicing the solution instead of defaulting to prior dysfunctional coping mechanisms.

Trained and certified by Deepak Chopra, M.D., world renowned author of dozens of best-selling books on the topic of mind-body medicine, Ms. Nash is a well-established teacher, speaker and workshop facilitator. With a B.A. from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, this former institutional bond broker and vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, Inc., brings both a philosophical and entrepreneurial perspective to her audience. She is certified to teach the authentic, ancient form of silent meditation from the Yoga tradition of India, as well as “Wellness in the Workplace,” a program designed for companies, based on Dr. Deepak Chopra’s personal development masterpiece, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. She was recently awarded for her status as the most active Chopra certified instructor in the world.

Ms. Nash offers seminars to the general public as well as sessions for private groups or individuals. The course is six hours and is usually taught in three sessions. Students receive detailed instruction, a personal mantra, and practical experience.

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