Look around you right now: who or what do you see? How do you feel? Are you mostly happy with your surroundings? What about your job? Your relationships? Your finances? The good news is that if what you are seeing and feeling is what you want to be seeing and feeling, congratulations! Your past thoughts have directed you here. The even better news is that if what you're seeing and feeling is mostly negative- i.e. I don't like my job, my relationships suck, etc.- then right now you can choose to direct your thoughts in the exact direction you want your circumstances and situations in life to be in the future. It's all within you right here, right now.

You know the saying "be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it"? Well I agree with that statement completely except that I would amend it to: Be careful what your repetitive thoughts are because you WILL manifest them. This is both a spiritual law and a scientific fact. What you have been thinking (of course along with feeling and doing, but thoughts come FIRST) is exactly what is playing out in your life right now. Try this exercise with me: pick a situation in your life that you are unhappy about. Now ask yourself what are some of the thoughts I have been having about this situation? You will notice that the answer is "mostly negative". Now pick a situation that you are happy about and ask yourself the same question. See what I mean?

I can hear some of your protests: "But Vania I've been thinking about attracting the love of my life forever! Doesn't that mean he (or she) should be here by now??" To which I would ask when you are thinking about attracting the love of your life are you noticing (quite naturally of course) that he is not here yet? And there's your answer: "not here yet" means you have been noticing the LACK of the love your life being here and any time you are noticing the lack of something you are attracting more lack.

The key is to start thinking along the lines of "he's already here" or if that's too difficult then "he's on his way to me now". You must think along the lines of already HAVING what you want and the WANTING of it. Wanting will only push away what you are, well, wanting. Instead of thinking "I want to attract my soulmate" think (and back it up with a lot of positive emotions!) "I am now attracting my soulmate! We are coming together and creating a beautiful, healthy relationship together!" Doesn't that feel so much better than "I want to attract my soulmate".

Try it for yourself: pick an area in your life where you want something totally different than what you have been attracting. For the next 30 days instead of "I want" statements say "I am" or "I now have" statements instead and infuse them with a lot of positive emotions. Amazing things WILL start happening in your life! And please be sure to leave a comment! I want to hear all about your amazing manifestations and a-ha moments :)

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Vania Dimitian is an in-demand life coach specializing in the areas of law of attraction, love/relationships, and intuition. Check out her amazing new 6 month coaching program: "Let Love In: Manifesting Love from the Inside Out" It will surely put you on the fast track to attracting your soulmate!