What is my Life Purpose? You might be one of many who wonder through life in search of some Guru, Master or Psychic to give them an answer to this question. The answer to that vital question is not as mysterious as it sounds, and as you’ve most probably heard or read several times already from the true gurus, the only place where you will find the answer is within your own heart.

YOU are unique. Keep that in mind as you explore and discover your uniqueness and your true identity and you’ll find your life purpose. We all have to live with and come to terms with who we are through our birth, our family, religious beliefs or non-beliefs and the environment we grow up with. It is futile to deny who we are or where we come from. That is our foundation given at birth, after that it is up to us what we do with it and how we choose to build our future. After a certain age, hopefully, you learn to take responsibility for yourself, for your thoughts and actions. As to why we are here? We are here simply to live our life the best way we can, to be the best we can be, to the best of our abilities, and this state of ‘being’ we achieve by ‘doing’! To be doesn’t necessarily mean, join an ashram and sit and do nothing but chant and meditate or to spend the rest of your life selflessly feeding the hungry. We can ‘be’ when we do something that we believe in and love doing with all our heart and soul. Whatever it is, we do it with great passion and we create whatever we can envision as being possible that fits within our individual lifestyle. We integrate our desire, will, imagination, joy and purpose with our being. In short we make the best out of any situation that we find ourselves in, do whatever we can with great joy and enthusiasm, always in alignment and in harmony with our inner Self. We do it, therefore, effortlessly with joy and that is a true state of being. The keyword is Joy!

Whatever you feel deep within you as your calling, your inner deep most secret desire, no matter how farfetched it may seem to you, you can be sure that you have whatever talent it requires within you to carry it through to success. So go for it. You can be sure that that is where you can contribute the most to the world. When what you do doesn’t seem like work for you but fun, bringing you happiness, occupying your whole heart, then that is your life purpose. And when you follow your heart you can be assured that you will succeed and with that you will be helping and serving the world around you.

When you do what you love to do and you can be your true authentic self, you discover and unleash your inner power, you experience pure magic. Many make a mistake of sacrificing their whole life to serve others, which might be fine for some because it is indeed their true calling, but this is not for everyone. You can help others much more if you empower yourself and do what you love to do in line with your own talents. This energizes you and gives you power and perhaps even wealth, so you can include helping others and your service to mankind in some way or another. Some live life full of fear so they choose the safe road and settle for security, doing something that leaves them despondent, void of passion and love for life. Where there is no passion there is no energy and no enthusiasm so you can’t possibly be doing your best and you are even less in a position to help others.

Some of us might not recognize our calling consciously, but through trial and error we will eventually discover it. It usually shows itself as a little whisper inside us. If we pay attention we’ll hear it and we would do well to listen to it, for if we ignore it we would be living only half a life. When we have a desire to do something, whatever that maybe, we can be just as sure that we have the power to do it. There is a genius hidden in every one of us. Did you know that we are nearest to God when we feel desire, passion, and have the will to do. We are nearest to God when we laugh and feel pure joy. That is a true state of being.

Did you know that it is much harder to fail than it is to succeed? Because to be successful all you have to do is to stop putting obstacles in your path, stop making excuses and just let go. Yes, you just have to let yourself go. Let go your limiting conditioned thoughts and walk yourself to success, it’s much easier. When you resist you are blocking abundance and the flow of energy coming your way. Being spiritual means being honest with ourselves of who we really are, it means experiencing abundance and joy in our life. Stop resisting and sabotaging yourself, stop blocking abundance coming into your life, let the energy flow through you, let it flow, let go and just be.

Why don’t you take a little time out alone and in silence over the coming holidays to discover your inner desires. Listen to that little inner voice. Listen to your heart as it speaks to you. Listen to God speaking to you through your heart.

I wish you and your family happy holidays and inner peace, good health and joy in the coming year 2012. Expect the best of everything and you will get it. And join me in feeling grateful for what we have and in sending healing energies to all those who are suffering right this moment all around the world and who are not as lucky as we are. Keep in mind that we can all help the world and humanity to heal if we individually do our little bit right where we are with those closest around us. That is how good energy spreads from one person to another. See yourself as a centre from whom good energy spreads out, act and do accordingly. Smile and spread goodness around you and wish it to spread all over the planet. Our earth and our human family is going through a tough time in these unique times that we are experiencing, don’t turn away, join in to help one and all make the transition safely as we enter into new higher frequencies and dimensions of being.

By the way – did I tell you the result of my book marketing campaign? Well, my book Cosmic and Universal Laws was on the bestseller list nr.4 at amazon.com, in the category Philosophy, for over five days. So my small effort showed a result and this definitely encourages me to continue with my marketing efforts for all my books. It involved an investment of money of course, but much more of my time and energy over five months solid, but it was well worth it. How does the saying go again? No pain, no gain. Nothing happens unless YOU make it happen. Signing off until next year, which I assure you, will not be the end of the world! Bestselling author Margo Kirtikar!

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Margo Kirtikar Ph.D. Spiritual teacher and bestselling author on amazon of Cosmic and Universal Laws, Infinite Laws for a Happy and Prosperous Life.