If I asked you whatinner beliefs you hold deep within your mind will you be able to answer with any accuracy?

If you couldn't, then don't worry, this is a question that many people have difficulty knowing the real answer to.

To find out what are the true inner beliefs you have stored away deep within your mind then you don't have to look very far

In fact you only have to look as far as your external surroundings and your life results.

All this will provide you with the precise answer you're looking for.

The current life your living is an exact reflection of your of deep inner beliefs.

Your thoughts, habits and actions are bi-product of your beliefs.

So whatever you believe about yourself, anyone or anything then you act, think and speak accordingly.


The essential difference that separates people who live successful and abundant lives from those who don't is not predominantly down to being lucky, more talented or gifted, but simply because of the beliefs they hold.

Industrialists' like J.D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie, and more recently Oprah Winfrey and Ingvar Krampard (founder of IKEA) are some of the greatest and most inspiring examples of how beliefs and not circumstance can dictate how successful your life can become.

These kind of people turned struggle and adversity on its head and used as a motivator to inspire them to great feats of achievement.

They developed an internal a belief system that transformed the 'impossible' into the possible.

Unfortunately the majority of the people in the world accepts and tolerates things like abusive relationships, working in jobs they hate, poverty and struggle, simply due to the beliefs that they hold.


We all have an inner belief system that either serves us or hinders us. It either moves us closer to our goals or further away from them.

With all our beliefs, whether negative or positive they all started off as a single thought. This thought was usually a reaction to certain event in your life or to what you were told by your parents, friends or society in general.

Through repeating this thought over and over again, it was then accepted within your subconscious mind as a 'undeniable truth.'

The thing to remember with your subconscious mind is this- whatever information you feed it, it accepts as 'truth'. It does not have the capacity to reject anything and cannot determine the difference between that which is real or what is imagined.

Therefore, it's vital we are aware of the thoughts that we repeatedly feed our subconscious because it will ultimately determine our inner core beliefs.

These beliefs then become our 'road map' that controls the direction and destiny of our life.

Our success, happiness, health and your prosperity are directly influenced by this unconscious roadmap that we've created for ourselves.


Whatever you set out to accomplish, whether it's to start your own business, become fitter and healthier, or master a new skill, your success is determined by one thing- the subconscious beliefs that make up the road map you've created.

If you're struggling through life at the moment then there a very good chance that this is down to negative inner beliefs.

The problem that most people who struggle through life face is that these ingrained negative beliefs run on auto-pilot through the subconscious mind, meaning that they tend to go through life unconsciously recreating the same results and the same reality.

They may on a conscious level constantly strive to improve their life and achieve better results, but if they hold contradictory beliefs on a subconscious level then more struggle will consistently play out in their lives.

The good news is though that you, me and everyone else can all change our inner beliefs relatively quickly and easily.

Constantly monitoring your thoughts and challenging inner beliefs that don't serve you are vital steps to seize control of your life and your destiny.

The time has surely come for you to take more of an active role in the creating a new belief system for yourself. Simply doing this will result in a whole new exciting world opening up for you.

"You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can't have it." Best-selling author and trainer Dr Robert Anthony

Become the master of your own destiny, by mastering the inner beliefs that control you.

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Your beliefs hold the key to determining whether you experience a life of success or struggle. Aligning your deep seated beliefs with your true desires will open the path to greater success, happiness and prosperity. Discover the formula to unleash the true power of your inner beliefs and start bringing your dreams into reality.