We all want to improve and become better people. We all want enjoy a better existence so that we can live a more fulfilling and happier life.

This can all be achieved when you have a proven guide to self improvement in your armory.

I developed an obsessive passion for betterment and personal growth when I finally retired from rugby. My career was blighted with struggles and disappointments and I belatedly realized that all the problems I was encountering all originated from within.

I knew that if my life was to change then I’d have to change. So I vowed to myself that I was now going to approach life and do things differently… and this is when my journey finally begun.

Self improvement enables you to become a better person and helps you make something more of yourself and your life.

Life is short and you only get one shot at it. Why compromise your life and you future by not looking at ways to grow, improve and develop everyday as a person.

When you begin to do this, you then start to feel so much more content and happy about everything in your life.

But what does it take to do this?

Well now that I’m such a passionate advocate of personal growth I’ve compiled a concise seven step guide to self improvement and lifelong advancement.

Following this will take some work and effort on your part, but I can assure you it will be well worth it

1. Discover Your Purpose

Does your life have little direction? Do you drift through life, just hoping you can find success, happiness and fulfillment?

Finding and living your life purpose may take a little time, but when you do you will then become unstoppable in achieving every single goal you set yourself

2. Live Your Values

What are the things that are important in your life? Remember, these things are unique to you. They’re no one else’s …they’re just yours!!!

Some common values include family, independence, security, health and achievement.

Living your life that’s aligned with your true values gives you a clear road map to follow, so making your life choices a lot easier and straightforward.

3. Identify Your Needs

Your needs are those basic requirements you must accomplish if you are to have any chance of living a happier, contented life. Your own personal needs could consist of being acknowledged, accepted, loved, or in control.

Failing to meet your needs will result in an unsatisfying, unfulfilling existence.

4. Follow Your Passions

The key to becoming the person you want to be is to do something you truly love and are passionate about. There are the obvious doubts and fears that come with following your passion, but these feelings are more than compensated for with ones of joy, excitement and discovery.

Find something you’re passionate about and try devote all your efforts to it. This path will lead you to growth and advancement.

5. Get In Touch With Your Higher ‘Self’

Getting in tune with your inner wisdom or higher self will assist you to make all the right choices to move forward in your life.

Finding a quiet place where you can reflect in silence and calm your over-active and distracted mind will enable you to connect with your inner voice.

This inner voice or your intuition as its most commonly known provides you with all the wisdom you need to live your perfect and desired life.

6. Recognise Your Strengths

What are your unique talents and qualities? What positive traits do you possess?

If you find it difficult to identify what these are, ask the help of those closest to you i.e. your partner, a parent or sibling.

Are you creative, reliable, intelligent or a good communicator?

Once you’ve done this, find ways to express these talents and qualities in your daily life. This will help build your confidence and a healthy self-esteem.

7. Serve Others

Using your talents to help others has a very positive effect on your own happiness.

Doing something that makes a positive difference to someone’s life helps you achieve a heightened self-esteem and an increased sense of personal worth. Working for the good of others also spreads positive energy throughout society.

So leave your mark on the world through serving others. The rewards will be infinite and life-changing.

Self-improvement is a lifelong journey that is well worth embarking on. There really is no end destination. You’re continually evolving as a person. There are always things you can improve about yourself. You can always get better.

Improving yourself lies within YOU and only YOU!!!

Start implementing this effective guide to self improvement and your life will begin to take on a whole new purpose and meaning.

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Improving yourself and your life is a goal that millions of people all around the world are constantly aspiring to do. Living a fuller more successful life can be a reality for us all once you know how. Uncover a proven guide to self improvement, personal growth and life-time success with this proven and unfailing blueprint.