Science has come to an indisputable conclusion:

Everything we perceive through our senses as external stuff (or matter)—like the coffee table, a bumble bee, the sidewalk, the mountains, your neighbor, the earth, the cosmos—is only electrical signals in our brain.

That’s it. Electrical signals!

We see a colorful bird in our external world. But it’s not out there, it’s in our brain.

The light particles reflect off the bird, enter our eyes, and are converted into electrical signals that get transmitted by neurons to the vision center all the way in the back of our brain. And the Vision Center is this tiny, dark place that interprets the electrical signals, and somehow “tells” us what we’re seeing.

And it tells us what we’re seeing based mostly on what we’ve seen before. In fact, it’s almost impossible for us to see something brand new. The brain relies primarily on memories of what it has already experienced to decide what’s there. Anything too unfamiliar basically gets ignored.

In addition, your brain is completely encased in your skill. It is totally sealed off from light. Its interior is in absolute darkness. Short of brain surgery, it is impossible for the brain to have any direct contact with light itself.

Think about that for a minute. The brain is never illuminated.

And yet we see the flaming light of a burning candle, the incandescent glow of a pink sunset. We watch a gloriously lit world inside our totally dark brain.

And all our OTHER senses are perceived and interpreted in the brain too—from electrical signals.

In fact, our brain, throughout our lives, never EVER confronts the original version of the matter existing “out there.” It only gets the electrical copy. We think that these copies are the real stuff outside us, but we are seriously misled by these assumptions.

For example, our experience of distance is a feeling of space—a feeling that is created in your brain. When we look out at the stars, we know, and also sense, that they’re gazillions of light years away.

But the stars are right inside you, in the vision center of your brain.

Right now you believe and feel that you are in a room.
But you are not inside a room.

Looking down at your body right now makes you think and feel that you are inside your body. But your body is just a sensory image and an experience formed inside your brain.


The only reality we actually deal with every day is the world of perceptions we experience in our minds. And since we can never really reach the external world, how can we possibly be sure that the “real world” actually exists?

Maybe the brain, in its darkness and isolation, makes it all up so it won’t be lonely and bored. Now that would be genius! (Perhaps that would be God?)

And since your brain can perceive itself, that means that

Oh, my head hurts.

Today, consider using this information to have a new perspective on your life. Try to see something brand new. And remember to fully experience the magnificently rich and awesomely beautiful universe that your genius brain has created for you—right inside your head.

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