Business is all about confidence. You have to fake it to make it. Wear the suit, look the part, learn the terminology, become the business! One hallmark of good business practices is getting trained in written business communication. These days, everything is done by emails so get a grip on unwritten rules, widely placed importance on. If you don't know an email recipient by name, address mail by 'Dear Sir/Madame'. A person you know personally can be called by the first name. Someone you're not friends with, as a rule of thumb, should be referred to by the last name, so 'Dear Mr/Madame Last Name. Use the subject section to explicitly state the purpose of the correspondence. This removes any ambiguities in communication from the start and also gets better attention in the inbox than other emails, vaguely subjected. Add hyperlinks to important areas online that are of crucial to a mentioned issue. Doing so, makes the email stand out as professional and you as someone who is confident in what you're talking about. Develop your own custom email signature as the template for all your written business communication. Generally, your full name, job title, firm and contact details are suffice to list vertically after each other. End your emails properly, using courtesy in saying goodbye. Standard closures are 'Kind Regards, Regards & Sincerely'. Speaking to a person of substance is prompted by 'Best Regards'. Some people say 'Best' but it's only OK when speaking among others you know whom you're not strangers to. In any other case, it makes you look unprofessional and not having your email not maximizing your best representation to others, is not what you want.

The web is highly impersonal, meaning that you'll be on your own extensively while you work online. It becomes paramount therefore then to grow your confidence in the cyber realm, so to speak. Get out of your comfort zone in promoting yourself and marketing your business. The best opportunities in life are outside your comfort zones. Swallow your pride and become a student, humble to learn and willing to make mistakes to learn from, too. Overcome your fear by throwing yourself head-first at the opportunity and work as hard and as long as you have to, to activate it and work the magic of a stupendous gain. That's how I achieved two of my biggest achievements in 2010 & 2011.

I say it over and over again: success is believing you will win and it will happen. It's that simple. What do you want? Believe in it and make it happen. No one can take away your beliefs, skills & know-how. They belong to you exclusively and you're always going to be the master of them, the dominant ruler. Therefore, use yourself for the best you can apply yourself to and stride. Get ahead in life, not because you want to beat anyone but because you should your own very best. After all, isn't life essentially subjective? I can't wait to see you at the top.

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This has been an aspect of my work in mentoring. Its stand-alone value is easily $75. For $400, I'll not only elite business etiquette, but also make sure you grow the confidence to chase opportunities, promote yourself from your best perspective & constantly expand your comfort zone. My track record speaks for itself. It's your call.

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