Grape flavored Kool Aid might not be the only thing feeling fried as we begin this July. Although this month will seem like a picnic compared to last, that still doesn’t mean that we won’t be feeling fatigued from dealing with the dual June eclipses and now having to take cover from one last Johnny Come Fate-ly. This next Solar eclipse comes courtesy a New Moon rising on July 1. The Curley of the three, this eclipse will shake and rattle, no matter how you roll. No Moe, No Moe! But it is a Friday. So, TGIF because at least that way you can shake, rattle and roll right into a three day weekend that will, for all OUR intents and general purposes, make mincemeat of this mayhem. But while you’re in the thick of it, unexpected events around endings, losses, death and a somewhat uncomfortable stroll down memory lane might just be the order of the day. Keep the tequila handy at night.

Apocalyptic schmockalyptic! These endings bring about a birth or this birth will bring the death of something else. Either way hasta la new vistas! Dawning of a new age and blessings, boons and BIG old opportunities enter the mix in the middle and they bestow some BIG old dreams come true round about that same time. So much so you won’t even remember the candle in the wind or love lying bleeding at that earlier funeral for a friend. Nope, memory wiped clean and all that’s left is an eternally sunny and spotless mind. It IS summer after all.

And if the recent rattling, roiling and shake-ups in the stocks/commodities markets hasn’t completely wiped you out then I would still continue to stay out. Of the market that is. Gold’s getting hammered although of all the metals this is the one that so Sorious-ly should stay stable. It is the standard after all and, well, with a continuously deteriorating debt ceiling it’s curioser and curioser that we don’t have one. Well some might say that I don’t have any at all. Gold. Not standards. Saturn, Uranus and Pluto oh my. Back entering the early degrees of cardinal signs and causing another ignition of the world debt crisis. Oh, it’s a comin’ and the Greeks are going to lead the way. And, yes, yes, of course I hear all about what a brilliant historian Bernanke is and how he’s studied the Great Depression ad nauseum. What makes me sick is that he still can’t fund the Fed without the fiat. And, yes, astrologically, the Cardinal Climax was screaming during those years too. However, if all that happens now is a repeat of those same failed Fed policies then I smell the current definition of insanity. Headbangers having a ball. Just can’t seem to get one rolling is all. Stay out of the stock market. Especially early in July and around August 2 as well. If you’re holding commodities, well, the entire world is either on fire or under water, so, safe bet and good on ya. I like oil under 90 and gold under. That’s all. Just under. Otherwise, let the fireworks begin. Gonna get hot, hot, hot in July. Especially in the interest rate driven markets. Boom. Or bust. It’s okay, I have the bust part down pat. Not so sure about the boom.

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JULY 1 ……… When I think of the words ‘duck’ and ‘cover’ I traditionally think of a lovely down comforter prettying up my bed. In this case and for today, not only is that your empowering advice (Duck! Cover!) but let’s just go ahead and throw the word ‘down’ in as well. As in staying on the DL. Today’s New Moon Solar eclipse in Cancer is about as emotionally overwhelming as it gets. Past loves, past hurts, past lives. And don’t even get me started on the whole ‘death’ vibe. I would like to say ‘this too shall pass’ but they say that about kidney stones that have less of a vise grip on our pain tolerance than these energies do. So, while you’re staying down you might just want to look up. At the sky that is. The Shamanic art of Sky Gazing allows you to leave behind all your worldly and/or overwhelming affairs in order to enter your inner world and align and attune to calm, quiet and peace. All you have to do is go outside and gaze straight ahead into the horizon of the sky. Relax. Breathe into your belly. You body will recognize and do all the expansive, limitless rest. Tibetan monks say you should do this exercise every morning for 15 minutes. I say do it today. For however long it takes to keep you out of all the death and drama. Either way, the sky’s not the limit but just might be your bff. Today.

JULY 2 ……… Mercury the Messenger enters Leo and is chatting up a storm but most of us are still reeling from yesterday’s tornadoes of emotions and exaggerations so we can’t hear what that planet’s yammering about. Could be it’s trying to warn us about the Sun squaring off against Saturn today too? So, yeah, there IS that. Stay on the down and on the low and make sure you’ve met all your promises, responsibilities and obligations. If you need a little pick me to keep you up, pure peppermint essential oil will magically do that trick. A couple of drops on a cotton and INHALE. Ah, that’s better.

JULY 4 ……… Get out the fireworks and send ‘em spiraling in the sky because the shit storms of the past few days are over and it’s time to celebrate! With Venus trine Neptune now, love is in the air. I give full permission to wear your heart on your sleeve because, if you do, your head will be in the clouds. Or on someone else’s pillow. Just sayin’. Mercury whispering sweet nothings to unpredictable Uranus says that you can be spontaneous about this coupling combustion. Tie two 9 or 18 inch red ribbons on the inside of your bedroom doorknob and attract the gift of romance into the present!

JULY 5 ……… Uh oh, Mercury ‘s making a mess of yesterday’s good vibes as that planet squares off against a “what did I do” Jupiter! Money messes. So, you can go ahead and put your money where your mouth is. No, really, you’d be better off eating the cold and hard than spending it today. OR you could do the empowered and extraordinary Ellen thing and keep it under lock and key. If you don’t you just might end up overspending, overindulging and eating your words. Rather, eat some magical money making salsa. You can find the recipe on today’s blog … Now, isn’t that easier to swallow than a zero bank balance? Yup, I thought so.

JULY 6 ……… Mars trines Saturn and a season of FUN finally begins. Forget all those pesky eclipse energies, July starts NOW! Even rose-colored glasses can’t dint the glare of your bright and shining future. And you KNOW it. Enthusiasm. Optimism. Encouragement, purpose and intent. Fabulous. Future. Engage in Chromotherapy today by concentrating on The Color Purple. No, not the movie or even the play but the color itself. Spend a few minutes breathing it in as studies have shown that breathing in this hue will make a prosperous, abundant and fab future difference to YOU you. Even through those aforementioned tinted glasses you’ll still see the fortune and luck waiting. As well as the proverbial pot. Of purple. At the end of today’s rainbow.

JULY 7 ……… If you thought yesterday was yum delicious….SUPER STELLAR DAY with a cherry on top! You know you can’t have this info unless you’re already subscribed to my newsletter right? What? You didn’t know? Well scoot right on over to so you can be one of the Empowered Elite and then can take total advantage of the very best day this month has to offer. Go on now, skedaddle!

JULY 8 ……… Venus sextiles Jupiter today and everybody would be all lovey and dovey if she weren’t pissing Pluto off too. Cancels each other out. Well, wait….sometimes Pluto can pull rank and your chain. Watch out for others being overly aggressive and a bit more assertive than usual. Wear pink. That’ll calm them AND you down.

JULY 9 ………. Uranus, the planet that governs unexpected changes turns retrograde today and stays in stall until Ava’s birthday on December 10. So, do we expect the unexpected or does this mean that the unexpected won’t really be so unexpected after all? I’m soooo confused. Let’s just cover our asses anyway okay? Write nine times, in red ink, three times in the AM, three times at midday and three more times in the PM: “I expect the unexpected. My glorious good now comes to pass.” That’s what Florence Scovel Shinn says and I happen to know from personal experience that it’s true. Write! YOUR glorious good IS coming to pass!

JULY 11 ……….. Mercury the Messenger SEX-tiling entrepreneurial Mars. This best business associated day this month. Schedule meetings. Make that call. Send the email and be sure to do everything while wearing “Crown of Success’ oil. To a quarter cup of jojoba oil add three drops of bay laurel essential oil, three drops of frankincense essential oil, three drops of sandalwood and three of vetiver. Blend all together and use as a perfume. Here comes the sweet smell of success!

JULY 12 ……… Venus squaring off against stinky Saturn so you better be sure to cross all your ‘t’s and dot all your ‘i’s today and whatever you do, don’t sign anything. Even the purple pen won’t help. But the Prosperity Signature might. Start the first letter of the first name slanted up and to the right and end the last letter of the last name the same way! Worth a try anyway.

JULY 15 ……… Full Moon and empty arms? Nah. Not this month anyway. You feel pretty, oh so pretty. And charming. It’s alarming how charming you feel. And confident and happy and……oh, wait, is this July? Not any more it’s not. Oh, yes, yes, the calendar might say it is but the energies say it’s Christmas and Mardi Gras and even Valentine’s Day all rolled into one. Were you waiting to exhale. Blow. Hard. It’s all alot easier from here. Mark your calendars and get out your Jimmy Choo’s because big next steps come forward for you today. Leave your front lights, inside and out, on for three consecutive hours (or more!) today and put a red, flowering plant to the left of the front door. Oh, and then wait for opportunity knock. I can see it heading your way now.

JULY 27 ……… RUNNER UP to Super Stellar Day! Sun trines Uranus and all is right in the world. On four index cards, in red ink, write one thing you really, really, REALLY want. Then put them in these four places for 27 days (at least): one next to your bed, one on your bathroom mirror, one on the front of the fridge and one where you can see it during the day. Don’t tell anyone what it is or talk about it at all. Until you’re screaming from the rooftops about your wonderful dream come true. See, I told you it was gonna be a great day!

JULY 28 ……… Venus enters Leo. Neptune opposes Mercury. Mercury enters Virgo. Cloudy. Foggy. Confusing. Need more info. Need more fact. Don’t understand. Know what? You don’t have to. Understand that is. Go the beach. And breathe deeply. Everything comes back into focus in a few days. Relax. Enjoy.

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