The secret of success, as you saw in the previous articles in this series, is neither what you have, nor what you do. To use this secret and change your life you first need to authentically know what you are. Have you spend enough time contemplating the crucial question asked earlier: What Am I?

Give yourself enough time to come up with your answer, don't allow yourself to self sabotage. And what is the answer? The answer is probably that you don't know yet. So only continue reading here once you have checked out all the possibilities you can think of and decided that none of them are right.

What Am I?
This is the final simple question you've been contemplating. If you don't understanding the question, then give no as your answer. Write down your answer of either yes or no to each one of these variations on this question.

Are you a human having? A human doing? A human working? A human learning? A human feeling? A human wishing? A human moving? A human needing? A human wanting? A human existing? A human stressing? A human worrying? A human suffering? Or a human thinking?

Notice that if you didn't write down either yes or no to each variation of this question, you've just succumbed to your self sabotage mechanism. And discovering how to overcome self sabotage is what being successful is all about.

Yet you can still write down your answers right now. You want to use this secret of success and change your life? Then record your answers before continuing. Do NOT continue until you have written them down...

The Last Variation
There's one more variation on this crucial question that we haven't yet covered. This last one is: Are you a human being? Yes, yes! That's exactly what I am, I hear you say. And you now see why the answers to all the other choices are actually no. What you choose to be is the crucial secret of success.

At any point in time, you have a choice. But most people think that it's a choice of what to do. And it is. Yet there's a question to answer before deciding what to do. Since you're a human being not a human doing, that question is: What shall I be this time?

Every time can be different. There's no one answer or even a right answer to this crucial question. It's always: What am I this time? This is the fundamental secret of success.

You have many options available to you in millions of combinations at every point in time. Helpful, or obstructive? Considerate or selfish? Friendly or stand-offish? Healthy or unhealthy? Happy or unhappy? Accepting or angry? Resentful or grateful...

Ensure your choice is genuine
When you choose what to be this time, ensure it's a valid choice - make sure you choose a being word rather than some form of doing. Ask yourself, is this something I do, or something I am while I'm doing what I do. (I am and you are form part of the verb: to be). The self sabotage mechanism is tricky, it wants to mislead you here, so check out that each choice you make is really something you are. Your mood is generally a reflection of what you have chosen to be.

Notice you don't have just one choice, you can combine many to suit your preference in each individual moment. Some say that even seeing you have this choice will change your life.

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Food for Thought
"What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself."

-Abraham H. Maslow, 1908-1970, Professor of Psychology, created Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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