Do you know that the word can’t is the most frequently used word out of an unsuccessful home based franchise entrepreneur’s mouth? I challenge you take a look at this unfortunate word and really think about how many times you might use it in one day.

The word can’t is a word that I detest, is the worst of the four letter words and I do not tolerate it’s usage in my house or in my home based franchise. Most people use it far too often, very casually and most importantly...they use it inaccurately.

Truly, think about when you use can’t. My daughter, who is now 10, knows better to not use the word in my presence. I am a firm believer that there is nothing that she cannot do when she puts her mind to it. She has proved this to me time and time again.

Two years ago she almost didn’t try out for her travel soccer team because she didn’t think that she would make it. Today she is the leading scorer on her team and more importantly she is a team leader.

I constantly hear people complain that they can’t lose weight, yet I see them eat fried food and order dessert at every chance they get. It’s that they choose not to make the life changes that are often needed to lose the weight. They choose not to exercise on a regular basis; they choose to order entrées with delicious French sauces vs. the broiled fish seasoned with herbs. Losing weight and life is about choices...please don’t mistake the choices made with the word can’t.

Let’s bring the word can’t into the context of your home based franchise. Again, I hear almost on a daily basis that people can’t seem to get leads, can’t seem to get prospects and thus can’t seem to get sales into their home based franchise.

As I ask them questions about their marketing, I more often than not find out that there is little to no marketing activity that is taking place. How in the world can anyone say that they can’t be successful when they haven’t done the needed activity, the needed education, the needed training, and the needed action to be successful?

People that use can’t in their vocabulary have every excuse under the sun as to why they cannot achieve the success that they want to achieve. One of the best and most frequent excuses that I hear is that they can’t afford it, whatever it is.

People tell me that they can’t go to training because they can’t afford it. People tell me that they can’t buy a course that they really would like because they can’t afford it. People tell me that they would love to join me in my home based franchise opportunity…but they just can’t afford it. Does any of this sound familiar?

The great Jim Rohn quotes: Rich people have big libraries. Poor people have big TV’s. I personally have purchased courses, books and educational products when I have been flat broke. I did what I needed to do to become the success that I now am. Like Jim Rohn and all of the great successes out there; can’t doesn’t enter into the conversation when it comes to achieving the goals and the success that you want.

Do me a favor. The next time you say that you can’t afford the purchase of a course, a book or any information that leads to so many successes…take stock as to what you can afford. Can you afford your Starbucks lattes, your cigarettes, your Naives…oops I mean Evians or daily lunches out with friends?

Could your disposable income be at least $20.00 a day? $100.00 a week can buy you a lot of education, a lot of training and in fact a lot of marketing for your home based franchise. What is it worth to you to realize your ultimate goals and dreams?

Stop making excuses and stop using the word can’t, and if you choose not to, that’s OK, just realize that the only person that you are fibbing to is to yourself.

If you are not satisfied with where you are today with your home based franchise...make the changes that are necessary to change the destiny of your life.

If you have questions on any portion of this series, give me a call or send me over an email.

Go, take action and make it a terrific and profitable day.

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Jennifer Gilbert is the CEO of JBS Communications, LLC; a company devoted to empowering entrepreneurs around the world with marketing, sales and mindset tools to live the freedom based lives of their dreams.

While best known for her sales/marketing success and expertise, her team shares that her greatest impact is her straight-forward and unique dedication to mentoring, coaching and leadership.

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