What are your dreams, wishes and hopes? Do you desire a new romance, more money or a better job? How do you actually achieve that which you desire?

It all comes down to what you truly believe. You may begin with a desire, but the fact is your beliefs are stronger than your desires. Your beliefs are creating your “reality” whether you know it or not.

Let me explain.

Sir Isaac Newton took classical physics and described the laws of motion. An example of this law is called “billiard ball causation” that states, “every action has an opposite or equal reaction”. This law supports the belief that by physically working hard you can accomplish a result.

Quantum physics shows us that on the sub-atomic level, everything is energy. It says there is no distinction between matter and energy. They are one and the same. Everything around you, including your physical body, is nothing but vibrating energy or resonance.

Modern science has proven cause and effect is not just true with the mechanics of matter. Cause and effect also applies to the mechanics of everything, including our thoughts.

Everything is energy, or resonance.
Anything we can see or touch is moving at a slower resonance.
Anything we cannot see or touch is moving at a faster resonance.
The faster the resonance, the more powerful and effective the energy.
So, our beliefs create a greater cause and effect than our actions.

Your emotions create your resonance. Like notes on a musical instrument, each emotion has a different resonance. The better feeling emotions like love, trust and happiness have a higher/faster resonance. Emotions such as anger, hopelessness and despair have a lower/slower resonance. Just as a tuning fork attracts a similar vibration or resonance on another instrument, your emotions attract a similar vibration in your physical world. Your emotional resonance attracts a similar resonance to you. That is the law of attraction.

Your beliefs create your emotions.
Your emotions create your resonance.
Your resonance attracts similar resonance.
So, your beliefs attract what you experience in your physical world.

This really changes the saying “I’ll believe it when I see it.” In fact, what’s true is “You’ll see it when you believe it.” Your beliefs and emotions, conscious, subconscious or unconscious, create what you see.

Are you aware of what you believe? Do you believe life is hard or easy? Do you spend more time feeling the energy of worry or trust? Do you know there is plenty or do you believe you need to get it while you can because there is only enough for some? Do you believe the world is a friendly place or a scary place? Do you believe you can or cannot, that you’re clever or incapable or that you’re resourceful or incompetent? Whatever you believe creates what you see or what I like to call your “illusion”.

What is real is what you believe or what you are feeling.
What you see is a reflection of those beliefs.
As your beliefs change, what you actually see or experience changes.
It’s really that simple.

But is it really that simple? Is it simple to change your beliefs? How do you create your beliefs in the first place?

Your beliefs have usually been modeled for you since you were small. Over the years they have become habits. Most of the time you are not even aware of them. You actually think they are true or real. But they are not true or real. They are just automatic.

How do you adopt new beliefs? The first step is to recognize the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in mediocrity. Recognizing the belief and then acknowledging the impact it has on you is a powerful step in changing your reality. Once you become intimate with the belief, you can see how it is not really true. From there you can dismantle it and create a new, more empowering belief.

Is this something that is done overnight? Of course not. How do I know it works? I’ve done it and continue to do it myself. I am also honored to witness others demonstrate it on a regular basis. By the way, it’s much easier to have someone else help you recognize your disempowering beliefs, because this other person is not in the illusion with you.

So, how does this connect back to creating your best year ever? Most of us set goals and resolutions for ourselves hoping to succeed, but sub or unconsciously believing we will not. Trying to physically manipulate and control your world might get you there after a while, but it will be at a price and I promise you, it won’t last. If you want a different reality, you must first recognize your limiting beliefs holding you back and replace them with more empowering beliefs that will propel you forward.

For lasting change, you must do it from the inside out.


Look at where you are today. What you see happening in your life is actually feedback for you to understand what you believe. Slow it down and pay attention to what you want more or less of in your life this year. Use this information to begin recognizing your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, fears, and expectations.*

Several times a day, stop and drop into your body. What emotions are you feeling in that moment? The better feeling emotions are resonating at a higher frequency than the more painful emotions. If they feel good, feel and expand them. If they don’t feel good, feel and release them. If you don’t feel and release your disempowering emotions they will remain a part of you and lower your resonance. This will of course attract a lower resonance to you.

Begin to get curious with yourself and your world. It’s empowering what you will discover!

The bottom line: Science proves you are not a victim to anything in your life. You get to take personal responsibility for creating it all. And the first step is becoming aware of your beliefs and emotions.

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