More and more people are realizing the importance of preserving our world's limited resources and protecting our environment. Eco-friendly fashion is not just a passing trend.

It is vital to our future and very fashionable these days as people all around the world come to realise the potential GREEN clothing of not just looking great but also feeling good that you are doing your little bit for our fragile environment.

This thinking also applies to green weddings that are now more and more popular, especially with our younger generation. To have an eco-friendly green wedding you not only have to consider your wedding gown but all the other items that make up your wedding day. Why not use wooden plates for your reception?

For starters use a bridal fabric that is organic. Forget the chiffons and organza fabrics. Even better use an organic fabric that is handmade to maximise the eco-friendly potential. And what better option could you have than a handmade Thai silk fabric that also used 100% natural dyer colours. This is the pinnacle of eco-friendly fabrics and a far cry from the mass-produced or synthetic fabrics available everywhere.

So go green and wear handmade organic white bridal fabric.

What may surprise you is that these handmade silk fabrics are not that expensive and the purchase of these fabrics often goes a long way to improving the lifestyles of the weavers. Purchasing fabrics like these is not only fashionable and affordable but will make you feel good inside knowing you are helping the environment and the lives of a remote village.

Think about holding your wedding in your city park or even a home garden. The setting, plants and flowers will only help add a more eco-friendly emphasis to your special day and at the same time more than likely save you money. This way you can be glamorous, fashionable and save money all at the same time. What a great outcome!

Use eco-friendly products for your wedding showers and favours. Make sure you don't wrap them in paper and give them as they are. This also saves money and is way more eco-friendly. There are dozens of eco-friendly products to choose from so have a search around and you will be pleasantly surprised at your budget savings as well.

At your reception use live flowers for decorations and use them as your wedding décor as well. This will result in significant savings and make your wedding favours even more economical. Offer organic farm food or even vegetarian meals.

So get with the fashion. People from all walks of life are opting for a green wedding making eco weddings the fastest growing trend in weddings in recent years.

Become a leader in fashion and think eco-friendly. Start with your bridal fabrics but know that you are not stinting on your special day. You will have an exotic, glamorous and stunning wedding whilst at the same time feeling great about how you have helped our environment.

Author's Bio: 

I am a Thai lady dedicated to organic silk fabric production and the founder of our village community handmade silk project called Thai Silk Magic