Nearly half a million passengers fly through Prague airport every year. Not really a surprise when you consider that the city is one of the best holiday destinations in the world when it comes to historic city breaks.

This Eastern European city could quite possibly owe its popularity to the historical factors or the fairy tale like image of it all. Absolutely packed with architectural treasures the highlight really has to be the castle. The breath-taking sight of the castle can be admired from almost any of the many wonderful attractions in the city, it really draws the eye and shows power in the way it towers over the city. The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The bulk of what you see today was built in the 1300s, but evidence of the roman origins of the site are still there if you dig around for them.

Many people also flock to the Charles Bridge which crossed the Vltava River from the Old Town to the castle district. The bridge is lined with stunning statues and if you look carefully you will see that touching one of them is lucky. How can you tell they're lucky? You can actually see where the statues have been rubbed over the years! During the day crossing this bridge brings you all of the benefits of artists and tradesmen, selling their wares to tourists, but at night it is a much more peaceful, lonely place and somehow even more beautiful. Some of the most magnificent views of the castle, the Old Town and the river will not be found walking about on the bridge, but they could be found in river cruises along the Vltava.

Yet another wonderful idea of a visiting place within Prague would be the astronomical clock. Each hour the square fills with tourists who have gathered just to watch the dancing figures come to life with the chimes. The clock is the oldest working example of an astronomical clock in the world and you will almost certainly be tempted to join the crowd to see it. Another handy tip is to get up early and walk to the town hall to see it in action before it gets busy. Accoding to legend the clockmaker was blinded by the town officials, so that he could never create another masterpiece, keeping the clock unique. Although the story became a myth and nothing more than a metaphor for thwarted creativity it is still a tale that the locals give good voice to.

Prague does not have such a thing as a bad time to visit. The summer holidays bring a more crowds and excitement to the city, but to be honest Prague is a destination that remains popular all year round, so don't expect the city to be deserted even if you visit in the middle of winter. In fact, the fantastic Christmas markets make the winter an even more popular time for visiting the city.

I found it quite easy to believe that Prague had a very fairy tale like history, it made it easy to forget that it was a real, living, breathing city with a history just as true. A visit to the Communism Museum can help to take you back to reality and show you a bit of Pragues real history.

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