There are many kinds of fears, but as I grow older I have reached the conclusion that fear is not the problem. People are not separated into people who fear and those who don’t. People are separated into those who avoid fear and the brave butterflies that get used to feeling their hearts burn. Dead people don’t fear.
I have three main fears with which I deal almost every day. The fear of time, the fear someone I love dies and the fear of change. Basically, all these three can be concluded in the last one. The fear of change.
The fear of change
I am the queen of this section. I can stay for months even years to a dead situation just because I can’t face the fact that it has gone, it has changed. It has simply grown like a beautiful kid that has grown old and doesn’t exist anymore.
The only ways to play the game and dig deeper is to learn the rules and get the tools. As I investigated deep inside, I understood that my brain had translated change into death. I dug farther and learned how our brain works. Our brain doesn’t care if we are happy or healthy. Our brain’s only job is to keep us alive, no matter what. If it translates from an early age another factor as death, we will be avoiding it as death through our lifetime, unless we work on it.
This is a manmade illusion like thousands of others. As humans created their first communities, they started sharing their fears too. Most of these fears became traditions that were even celebrated! Fears became gods and altogether felt comfort in the safety of the community. This necessity of comfort made people have the helpless need to feel that everything around us is stable. Nothing changes and it doesn’t need to change. Stability means safety. Everything remains unchanged as the years go by, like the universe.
The universes changes. The universe expands and moves. New scientific theories and researches open our eyes and broaden our possibilities. There are laws that tell us that the universe changes with time. If we know how the universe is at any certain time, these physical laws can tell us how it will be at any later time. Whatever applies to the universe, it can be translated for ourselves, like everything around us.
A scientific theory exists only in our minds and does not have any other reality, like most of the things that exist in our minds. It is just a way for human beings to comprehend the place they live in. Theories have changed since the 6th century BC, when philosophers and astronomers in Ancient Ionia (Ancient Greece) made the first observations and formed their first theories. Now we know that not only theories change, but also the universe changes itself, so why I and only I have the illusion that I can remain the same?
This leads to another way of thinking and the beginning of the neutral observer wondering.
Whatever you observe around you is a miniature of the whole picture. You are a miniature of the whole picture. Remember that Newton pictured the planets’ gravity from the way the apple was gravitated by the Earth. Now that we have opened our eyes and saw that everything around us is conscious, scientists have started to research whether the whole universe is conscious too.
Stability is a trick which if taken seriously can cause the death of the mind. A mind that does not change dies before the body.

Civilizations before today had this connection and curiosity for the interaction with the universe. They had knowledge we had ignored for centuries and we may never learn about. We feel separated from the universe, but the truth is that we are part of it. The more we understand the way the whole thing works, the more beneficial it will be for each one of us separately and then us as a whole.
My happiness depends on your happiness and then the wellbeing of all of us as a whole. If you change some others will change too, they will follow and then the law of attraction will be in favor of our huge community. The environment in which we grow defines a great part of our attitude and growth.
Let’s build a huge community of humble learners and generous givers who choose change and are happy for the fellow humans’ change too.

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My name is Efi and I want to be part of the global change. However, we need to be healthy and happy so as to make a global change with a positive impact on the future. I write about life and philosophy. The best part of writing comes in giving a spark of life to my readers with the help of cosmology science. I literally love it.

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