Did you know that you possess the most powerful idea factory in the world on your shoulders? Your thoughts, ideas, insights, and intuitions can be brought to life by using the creative power of your imagination.

What is the imagination?

Imagination is the ability to create a mental picture of a thought, idea, insight or intuition in your mind.

Focus on One Idea

What can you create with the creative power of your imagination? You can create whatever you desire. For example you can achieve top scores on your next standardized test, you can create a new invention; you can develop an idea to earn millions of dollars; you can write a best-selling book; you can build your dream house; you can start a business; you can become a world-class leader; or you can send a man to the moon.

On May 25, 1961 President John F. Kennedy ignited the imagination of the entire United States when he challenged the American people to put a man safely on the moon by the end of the decade. His vision was accomplished on July 20, 1969 when Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong stepped off the Lunar Module's ladder and onto the Moon's surface.

The imagination is the most powerful tool that man possesses because it can be used to create what has not been seen.

The key is that man must focus his considerable powers of imagination on one idea at a time to prevent from scattering his creative energy.

Form a Mental Picture

You can't create anything that you can't see. You have to "see" your idea before you can build it. You must form a clear mental picture of what you want to build. You must contemplate your idea from all angles and perspectives. The mental picture you form must be so clear and detailed that you can describe it words.

This mental picture is important because without it, you have nothing to guide you as you build. What if you were a home builder seeking to build a house without architectural blueprints. How successful would you be?

The only way for you to ensure your success is to transform your idea into a picture in your mind's eye and use this picture to craft your plan.

Scope the Idea Out

Your idea must be perfected in your imagination. Once you determine that you have a perfect picture then you can scope your idea out.

Scoping your idea allows you to put a structure around it - this is the foundation of your plan for success. When you "see" your idea clearly you can clarify the scope of idea.

Seek answers to the following questions:
•What do I want?

•Why do I want it?

•How big/large is the idea?

•Who does this idea affect?

•Who do I need to help me with this idea?

•When will I start to work on this idea?

•What do I have to learn to create this idea?

Once you scope your idea out, you become the champion of the idea. You are responsible for developing the plan that will take the idea from concept to reality.

Develop a Plan

Take out a piece of paper and write your idea at the top of the page. Next, write the numbers one through ten down the left side of the page.

Next, in order to accomplish the idea written at the top of the page, ask yourself one simple question, "What task/action has to occur before this idea can be realized?" You have just identified the action that must occur immediately before you realize your idea.

Now, since you have identified the first task/action, now you must identify the rest of the tasks/actions that must be completed prior to realizing your idea. Once you have written your first task/action down, you would then ask yourself, "What task/action must occur before the previous task is accomplished?" You would continue to ask the same question until you have identified all of the major tasks and/or actions that it will take to realize your idea.

Execute the Plan

You have just identified all of the major tasks/actions that you must accomplish before you can realize your idea. The next step is for you to prioritize and reorganize each of the tasks/actions into a workable plan.

Prioritize your list of tasks/actions by selecting the most important tasks and labeling them with the number 1. The next most important tasks/actions should be labeled with the number 2. The next most important tasks/actions should be labeled with the number 3.

You would continue to label each task/action until each one has a number assigned and then you would reorganize the list so all number 1's are together and the same for number 2's and 3's.

At this point, you have successfully prioritized and reorganized your list of tasks/actions.

The last step is for you to select the first task/action on your list and work on it until you complete it. Set a goal to complete at least one task/action everyday and before you know it you will have turned your idea into reality.

Remember the following key points:
•Focus on one idea

•Form a mental image or picture of the idea

•Scope the idea out

•Develop a plan

•Execute the plan

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