If you’ve not been chosen to live a life of WOW – you can choose to be chosen.

WOW is my acronym for: Wonderfully Obsessed with Winning. For me, this is a confidence builder; it’s an expression of wonder that motivates me to think higher. When I speak WOW with enthusiasm, the word opens my mind to inspiring possibilities. With WOW leading my thoughts, I find myself looking at the world with an attitude of “YES” no matter what the situation may be.

I am no longer moody (I used to be). I truly believe I gained control of my mood when I deliberately placed WOW in my self-talk on a daily basis. You can choose to be chosen as a WOW-Speaker. I did just that!

I have found that just saying the word WOW makes it easier for me to rise above adversity. I feel optimistic and curious rather than pessimistic and pig-headed. WOW has paved the way for many breakthroughs in my personal and business relationships. I can see the difference in the results I get.

I was caught in a traffic jam last week on my way to teach my “Power of WOW” class at Northeastern University. “WOE, what a mess … wait … WOW, this gives me an opportunity to go over the material that I want to cover in my class tonight.” I followed my WOW advice. I chose to be chosen and we had an incredible class. The students loved the topic and I enjoyed offering the lesson.

Write the word WOW on a piece of paper and carry it with you all day today. Give it the credit it deserves when you speak it – it’s an exclamation of wonder, of amazement, of great pleasure – speak it that way. Remind yourself, several times today, that you can choose to be who you really want to be by letting go of WOE and choosing to be a WOW-Speaker.

The only way to live joyously and productively in this chaotic world is to think about the noise of WOE. Begin your self-talk with WOW when analyzing a situation, and fresh, new productive ideas will come to you. Choose to be chosen to live a life of WOW.

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Thank you and blessings, Rob


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From humble beginnings, Rob White became a millionaire in the real estate and restaurant industries. Reflecting back on life-lessons and insights that were crucial to his success, Rob teaches a practical method that you can use to achieve nany ambition. Rob is the founder of Mind Adventure, Inc., a company that offers seminars, workshops, blogs and books that help you realize your incredible potential.