Lois is a wonderfully sweet 88-year-old neighbor who has dozens of friends, is always busy with community affairs, and has the loveliest garden in the world.

How does Lois do that? At age 88, how is she constantly filled with vitality, and in high demand by everyone in the community?

Lois is an everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru who demonstrates that “we attract what we are.” She often tells me that the Art of Living is merely a matter of sustaining an accepting mood to life’s many treasures, and then simply LET IT BE.

Might I add this: don’t chase the treasures of life; don’t flee from them. Simply know they are there for the plucking, and allow the sweet fruits of life to flourish around you.

Lois explained to me that she pays particular attention to how she judges the world. If she catches herself being harsh, she tells herself to look again, and this time with a more forgiving attitude. This unassuming guru believes that her conversations with herself have a big effect on her attitudes and moods. She also believes that by paying attention to her mood, she can adjust it, so it’s brighter (if that’s what’s called for), through self-conversations.

031014_guru216.2Lois makes a new woman of herself anytime she doesn’t like the inner woman that’s looking out at the world. She laughed as she told me, “I may be getting older, but I don’t intend to get cranky. I’ve heard of cranky old ladies; there’s no reason for me to accept that.”

Lois reinforces what I have been saying for years - right inner-conversations bring out the best in us. If I could convince Lois to teach a course, I’d recommend that she teach what she demonstrates: outer worldly conditions are outer-picturings of one’s inner world of visions. And one’s inner world of visions are painted by one’s inner-conversations.

You attract what you are. And, every moment you are a composite of conversations and visions that you entertain in your mind.

What say you to this? What comment might you add that gives greater insight to what this ordinary guru (Lois), demonstrates daily?


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