Hey there! How is life treating you today? This is a common question that I often ask my clients and my audiences. The response I usually receive goes something like this: “Oh, well, you know . . . just another day in paradise.” This would ordinarily be a fantastic answer, but the problem is that the answer is usually uttered in a complete state of sarcasm. I also typically hear answers such as “good, I guess,” or “not too bad, I guess,” which leads me to ask myself what the “I guess” part is all about.
On the flipside, I have a very dear friend named Mike, who, when asked the same question, responds “AMAZING” with a huge grin of passion on his face. It is infectious and inspiring to anybody who hears him because he says it with sincerity and authority.
So what is the difference between the average person and Mike? You may be saying, “Well that is his nature/personality.” That may be true to a certain extent, but I have also seen his “darker” side during an earlier time in his life. How would you explain that? I have also coached and trained numerous people who initially appeared to have a mediocre disposition but later transformed into energetic people loaded with passion and vitality. So again I ask you, what is the key ingredient?
As a devoted student of personal development, I have often been taught and coached to “think positive thoughts and actions will follow.” I have also been told about the power of the mind, and how it has the ability to manifest your destiny, given your proper care and conditioning. I have been taught about the virtuous powers of the subconscious mind and its ability to change habits forever. I have been taught about the importance of tenacity and desire. I have been educated about the importance of decision. I have learned about the “Law of Attraction,” and how you can manifest anything into your life that you focus on in a positive light.
The dirty little secret is that I believe in ALL of what I just mentioned, down to the last morsel!
Yet, I see countless people who know and believe in these principles and have even applied them but still seem to revert back to old ways of thinking and “being.” So what is the problem? I have pondered this question for over ten years now, and I feel like I finally have a grasp on at least part of the answer.
No doubt you have probably heard the expression, “you are what you eat,” but have you really stopped and thought about this statement in depth? I am about to illustrate why so few of us have the “Mike-Like” attitude and energy concerning our lives, and why so many of us settle for mediocrity and complacency.
Consider that what you put into your mouth on a daily basis is in large part (and sometimes exclusively) responsible for the following:
• Your MOODS
• Your energy levels
• Your ability to concentrate
• Your ability to discern, analyze, make practical judgment, and evaluate what is best for you and your optimal state of functioning
• Your outlook on life (positive or negative)
• Your perceptions
• Your attitude
• Your patience
• Your sense of humor
• Your state of mental wellbeing
• Your physical wellbeing
• Your weight and your ability to lose/maintain weight
• Your self esteem
• Your self-efficacy
• Your ability to sleep
• The optimal functioning of your vital organs (which affect every area of your life)
• The physical make-up of your brain
• The optimal or dismal functioning of EVERY cell in your body
• Your physical reactions
• Your emotional reactions
• Your spiritual reactions
• Your social reactions
• Your ability to be proactive vs. reactive to any given circumstance
• Your sexual drives and confidence
• Your hormonal levels (good/bad)
• Your blood sugar levels
And the list could go on and on and ON! Now . . . what does this have to do with you becoming more and more like my buddy Mike, where you think well and feel well the majority of the time? Conventional wisdom tells us that we must “get our heads straight first” and then work on whatever areas of improvement we are seeking. I, admittedly, am guilty of this as well! I teach a 12-week course devoted to changing the mind FIRST and then nutrition.
But when facts present themselves to me, I must honor them. The fact is that it is really freaking hard to be positive when I have a migraine headache from the aspartame-loaded soda that I just guzzled down. I find it really hard to be optimistic and fun loving when I look in the mirror and see the Michelin Man! I find it nearly impossible to be in a good mood when I have created a self-inflicted chemical imbalance via sugar overload! I find it hard to work out when my energy is low and my blood sugar is in the crapper because of the white bagel that I slammed three hours earlier. I find it hard to meditate and spend time planning my workouts when I suffer from ADD because of the high glycemic carbs that I continually pound day in and day out. In general I find it nearly impossible to condition my mind when I feel like S#*! because of the S#*! that I have consumed!
So, YES, you must condition your mind if you ever hope to succeed in a permanent health and fitness lifestyle change, but you must also remember that if your nutrition sucks, you can never reasonably expect to condition your mind to the point of mental mastery. Think of it: if you can’t master even the basics of healthy nutrition you are by definition a mental light-weight in need of a mental overhaul. My suggestion is to learn the nuts and bolts of nutrition and then start APPLYING them! Now if you would like to fail, then just start exercising and doing some mental exercises without taking any thought for your nutrition. Yep, I can guarantee you a good dose of disaster there my friend!
You truly are what you eat--in every way. So the next time somebody asks you, “how is life treating you,” I hope you find yourself saying, “AMAZING.”
Life is good!


Author's Bio: 

Hi I am Griff Neilson owner and Author of FitMent Inifinty, a corporate wellness 12-week program. My passions are Personal Trianing, writing, public speaking and behavior modification.