What makes you worthy of being the person you want to be? What is it that makes you deserving of doing and having everything you want in life? Could you just take a couple of minutes, and ask yourself these questions? Take a few moments and think about this. And give yourself some honest answers.

What will it take for you to feel like you deserve the life you want? What are you going to have to do before you feel worthy of it? Is being deserving and worthy contingent upon something else? Perhaps a certain level of success? A level of hard work? A certain number on the bathroom scale, or a clothing size? A particular number in your bank account? What is it that you are basing your worthiness upon? What is it that you believe you have to be or do or have before you can allow yourself to feel deserving of joy and happiness?

Think about people around you for a moment. Call up to your mind someone who you have perceived as having a “sense of entitlement.” How do you feel about that person who seems to feel like he or she deserves something that you would like – for no reason? How does it make you feel to work long and hard for something, when someone else seems to believe that he or she just deserves to have it for nothing? Does it grind you just a little? Why is that?

Would you believe me if I told you that you already deserve everything you wish for, and that it is actually contingent upon nothing? Would you believe that you are worthy of your desires for no other reason than that You Are? You deserve right now. There is not a single thing that you must first achieve, or have, or be, or do in order to be deserving. You simply are. The only thing required from you is for you to know it. For you to feel it in your heart and mind.

“Well,” you may be asking, “wouldn’t that make me just like all those folks who have that ‘sense of entitlement’ that bothers me so much?” No. Not at all. Having an accurate sense of entitlement is the key. An accurate sense of entitlement means that you know you are deserving and worthy of all your desires without believing that someone else must work hard for your benefit. It means that you deserve simply because you are who you are, and it is at no one else’s expense. In accepting your worth, you put yourself not only into the state of being and having what you wish for, but also into the state of doing from your heart – and this is where there is no false sense of entitlement at the expense of another, but rather your truest place of honor, where your entitlement is known to you as love.

If you only knew who you are – if you could only be aware of how extraordinary, how sublime and exquisite you are in every way, you would begin to understand just how much you deserve to accept your worth, and that it’s not necessary to believe that you can only deserve because “hard work is what pays off.” The hardest work is actually to know yourself, because it goes into the levels of your ego-mind that tell you that you are the opposite of what you are, and these levels of your mind are very convincing. To see Truth, you must ask for it, and then be willing to accept Truth when it reveals itself to you.

Ask yourself: Do I know what “deserving” feels like? Do I know what “worthy” really feels like? These can be some of the most difficult questions you may ever ask yourself, because the answers may be that you actually don’t know how it feels to be deserving and worthy. Most of us never ask ourselves these questions, because the answers can be truly painful – we may realize that we really do not know what these emotions feel like, and rather than face the pain of that, we simply ignore. But it is vital that you do not ignore. It is crucial that you discover how “deserving” feels and what “worthy” feels like, because it is in the knowing that you are that you begin to allow your desires into your life, without all the beliefs and programs we have previously attached to these feelings, like sacrifice, hard work we hate, struggle, and suffering. The way out of all of that is to connect with who you really are, and feel deserving right now – know this in your heart. You already deserve to accept your worth. No strings attached. No conditions. And the sooner you can acknowledge, honor, and accept this, and allow yourself to feel it deep within, the sooner your life becomes everything you ever hoped it would be.

What will it take for you to accept your worth? What will it take for you to know that you already deserve? You don’t have to hit rock bottom before you get there. Life doesn’t have to be so hard. And it doesn’t have to be so difficult to believe that you are already worthy and deserving. Take the steps to get to know yourself. Your True Self. Find out who you are. Let go of the old pain, the old beliefs and programs that have held you back from your Truth. Tell yourself each and every day: I already deserve. And then ask Spirit to teach you what deserving and worthy feel like. You will be shown. Accept it with grace and humility when it comes to you – and it will. And then spend a little time each day in spreading the feelings by letting others know how much they also deserve joy and love and all their desires, and how much they also are worth. In sharing this with others, the feelings grow in you.

Author's Bio: 

Patricia Reed is Founder and Author of WholeHealthyLife.com, creator of Energetic Mastery Mindset™ Coaching and Mind Shift ThetaHealing® Videos. She is also a practitioner of NLP, ThetaHealing®, Reiki, TFT®, EFT®, and Reconnective Healing®, as well as an empath, divine channel, and intuitive coach. Additionally, she is an expert in nutrition and mind-body-spirit detoxification.

Patricia assists you in releasing energetic blockages on the subconscious level, as well as in teaching you how to focus your thoughts to allow Spirit to flow without resistance, so that you may know the difference between ego-mind and Spirit-Mind, and understand how to choose to be guided by Spirit at all times in manifesting your life as you command it. Her focus in coaching and teaching is in showing you how your mindset and subconscious programming have together been creating your life on auto-pilot, and in training you in how to take charge of your own mind.

Patricia offers private, one-on-one coaching to help you to understand and clarify your desires and purpose, and learn how to focus your thoughts and reprogram your subconscious mind to make you the conscious creator of your own life.