More and more women are practicing yoga. But what does it really bring? Are there any contraindications? ... We take stock.

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In recent years, yoga has been particularly popular, especially among women. Born in India several millennia ago, this practice combines body and soul. The objective is indeed to harmonize the body and the mind with the world which surrounds us.

Hatha-Yoga, Karma-Yoga, Yoga Nitra ... The approaches of yoga allowing to control the vital breath, to work the mind, to control its chakras, etc., are diverse and varied.

And if yoga is a true philosophy of life, it is also a physical activity based on various postures, breathing exercises and an approach to meditation. Stress relief, moment for oneself, liberation of the spirit ... Each one also finds a good reason to practice it. And it appears that the benefits for the body are numerous.

Controlling your breathing
Yoga teaches you to control your breath and to be attentive to your breathing through different exercises because knowing how to breathe well is not given to everyone. A breathing short and fast indeed makes a person so nervous breathing calm, composed, controlled, etc., soothes immediately.

A more toned body
If in the general mind, yoga boils down to a work on the breath, it is not only that. Indeed, several exercises making work the breathing and stimulating the muscles are practiced during a session. And who says muscle exercises, says stiffness when you are not used to doing these movements. The good thing is that it also means the muscles have been working. After a few months of practice, the body is more toned.

Gain flexibility
Yoga allows you to stretch your muscles gently. These are in fact repetitive exercises carried out gradually, smoothly, which will allow the body to become more flexible and therefore gain mobility. Thus, the (many) parts of the body that tended to be knotted, or even blocked, will naturally soften.

Easier digestion
It is undeniable that yoga improves transit. And for good reason, the torsion exercises practiced during the sessions massage the intestines. This is also the case with breathing exercises, inverted postures and certain forward bending postures. But that's not all because the psyche also has an influence on the transit. Thus, by acting on stress and emotions, yoga helps to relax and unblock the digestive system .

Be more zen
Yoga makes it possible to develop a psychic well-being which will make it possible to repress stress, anxiety and all negative waves, and bring calm and serenity. This well-being will also have a positive impact on sleep , psychic strength, digestion ...

Are there any contraindications? Anyone can practice yoga, including pregnant women, the elderly, and children.

However, pregnant women should avoid lying and inverted postures, twists, jumps… There are also contraindications for people who have undergone surgery less than six months ago.

The practice of yoga is also not recommended for people with hip problems, back pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or serious heart disease. In the event of hip, back or cervical pathologist, it is best to be vigilant and seek the advice of your doctor.

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Waqas Ali