Like most people in the world, I am glued to my computer screen. All I do for work is sit in front of it and search the web and type up a bunch of reports. I do enjoy what I do but I started to notice something that concerned me a lot. I started to become hunched in my walk. The alignment in my back was completely off and I was getting very scared as to how this would impact the rest of my life.

I am only forty years old right now and at the time (I was 36) I felt like a person who was in their sixties. My back was so stiff and tender that I could barely do anything anymore. I was going to the chiropractor on a regular basis and this did help some. But I felt like unless I kept shelling out $60 to the chiropractor, I could never keep my alignment correct.

A friend of mine finally told me about yoga and at first I was a bit hesitant. But after I could not take it anymore, I finally decided to take her advice and I went to my first class. Boy am I glad I did. After my first class I was in love with yoga. So much so that I recently took a yoga certification and became a yoga teacher. I am now a registered teacher and helping others to learn the benefits of yoga.

The reason yoga fixed my back is because the repetition of doing these poses helps my spine remember its correct posture. Sitting hunched over all the time was curving my spine and through yoga, I was able to straighten it out.

I know for some it can become a bit preachy so I am really looking to not take this approach. I just want to make it available for anyone who wants to learn that you don''t need drugs or invasive surgeries or braces to fix their back. I highly recommend if you are new to yoga to find the magazine Yoga Journal as they offer a great amount of information that can teach you a lot about health and simple poses. You can also try Yoga For Beginners which also has great information for people new to yoga.

At the end of the day, we all need to work and be in front of our computers. Just make sure you get up and stretch every few hours. And if you can make it to yoga, even better!

Author's Bio: 

As a Teen Life Coach and marketing consultant, Sergio knows all too well that sitting in front of your computer is just no good for you!