As I think about the incredible workshop I just led, I realize that I manifested this! I had wanted to lead my very own workshop for several years. I wrote a vision of what the workshop would look like and read it daily. When I walked on stage on the first day at the beautiful hotel where the workshop was held and looked out at the amazing people in the audience, this was exactly what I had envisioned.

Several years ago I had no idea what it was to manifest. I didn’t understand that by focusing on what you want, you could attract the things you want into your life. I always thought you had to work hard to make things happen. Or maybe if I was lucky, something good would happen for me. It didn’t seem possible that if I focused on what I want, it could easily come to me.

Manifesting starts with being aligned with “who you really are.” As Jerry and Esther Hicks write in their book Money and the Law of Attraction, “When you are a vibrational match to ‘who you are,’ the Law of Attraction brings to you, surrounds you with, lines up for you, a steady stream of powerful, joyful opportunities and openings that just leads you toward an ever-evolving, always unfolding, joyful life experience.”

What I’ve learned is when you are manifesting, you are attracting to you what it is you want because you know exactly what you want, you are asking for it, believing it is on its way to you, visualizing as if it is already in your life, and being open to receiving it. The magic of manifesting is that it can easily come to you. Here are 5 steps to help you manifest all the things you desire.

  1. Be clear about what you desire
    You need to be very clear about what you desire. You can’t be fuzzy or indecisive. See yourself enjoying what it is you want and experiencing how good it feels. When you do this, you are making what you desire real.
  2. Focus on the “What”
    Focus on the “What” not the “How” or the “When.” You don’t have to figure out how or when it’s coming to you. All you need to do is decide what it is you want. Focus on the “what” and the rest will follow.
    When I decided to do the workshop, I gave up having to know how it would turn out. I turned myself over to believing it would turn out. This was pretty difficult for me to do at first because it meant I had to give up my control. But when I let go, all the steps fell into place.
  3. Expect the best to come to you
    Remind yourself that you deserve the best. This is important because it changes your thinking from a low expectation to a high expectation. It helps to expect that everything is going to work out for the best. We need to have trust and faith.
  4. Let go of the fear
    Don’t back off from what you want because you’re afraid it might not come. The more afraid we are of the past repeating itself and what the future has in store, the more we believe we cannot have what we desire.
  5. Open your mind to all possibilities
    When we let go of controlling people and situations, and thinking we can force the outcome to happen, possibilities come to us through unexpected channels. Give up holding on so things will turn out a certain way. Instead let it come to you freely and naturally.

(c) Rochelle Togo-Figa.

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