Science is proving that we can truly shift our emotions. Here are some of the latest findings from the brain/body researchers. (These ideas are taken from 5 Life Energies: The Choice You Have in How Energy Shapes Your Life, © 2009. Visit to learn more.)

The Body is a Collective Consciousness of a Community of Cells:

Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, has discovered some amazing things while searching for answers to questions such as: What controls life? How does life work? What is the brain of the cell? How much of life is growth vs. protection? Lipton says that the 50 trillion cells in our bodies work cooperatively as a community to make life happen for each of us, (Lipton, 2006). Recent studies have proven that the membrane of each cell in our body is the “brain” that controls our life versus the idea that everything is controlled by our genes. The cell membrane allows signals to enter our cells when there is a like vibration within the cell. These signals are what we think of as senses from without and chemicals from within our bodies, but more than that they are our perceptions (or misperceptions). The signals that enter the cells can be harmonious or disharmonious with what is good for our bodies. They can actually be constructive or destructive. When the signals enter our cells, protein is changed and affects our body functions, our emotions, and even our thoughts. If we bring our perceptions (these signals) into our consciousness, we can choose to accept them, ground them (find what is really real), and/or change them to something that is good for us. We are what we believe; we are what we think… We can choose to spend most of our life in growth, which is what life is about… or in protection where the body shuts down many functions necessary for growth, including the immune system. Our perceptions of the environment control our lives. The body, emotions, and language (including thoughts) are connected physiologically. Our life energy (Chi) constantly flows through us and this energy is the connecting link. If we choose to shift the direction of the flow of life energy, we automatically shift our body position, our emotions, and our thoughts.

Emotions Exist as a Physical Component of the Body:

Antonio Damasio, brain researcher, says: “Emotions are not the intangible and vaporous qualities that many presume them to be. Brain systems work together to give us emotions just as they do with sight and smell,” (Damasio, 2003). Candace Pert continues to research molecules of emotion which are now known to be everywhere in the body, not just the brain (Pert, 2006). Molecules of emotion include hormones, peptides, and neurotransmitters; as a group they are now called “ligands”. These ligands connect to 1000’s of receptors on every cell. There is a vibratory attraction or cellular resonance that draws the ligands and receptors together when they are vibrating at the same frequency. These molecules affect all animal body functions; i.e. respiration, digestion, etc. Molecules of emotion provide communication between cells within the body as well as between different animal bodies. They do this by forming an electrical current as they connect which can be measured and even felt... within and between bodies. Most astounding is the fact that this molecule IS the emotion…not the cause of the emotion. The electrical current is part of our life energy flowing within and around us, connecting all our cells with each other and with those around us.

Vibrations Create Synchronicities:

The electrical current created by the vibrations set up in our bodies at the connection of the ligands and receptors are part of what allows synchronicities to happen. Whether the vibrations are expanding from cells within our bodies or outside of our bodies, the Law of Entrainment takes effect. This law states that there is an attraction between like vibrations. Another part of the explanation is the life energy Chi that is in and around our bodies. Chi also can actually be felt and is part of this mystery of attraction and the basis of many forms of healing. So synchronicities, the coincidences of events in space and time that are more than just chance, happen because of like attracting like. This is a pulsing, electrical, informational phenomenon (Pert, 2006). However, if you are not paying attention in the moment, you may miss many synchronicities. Even more important is the understanding that we can choose to shift the direction of the flow of energy to alter our vibrations and thus what we attract.

Emotions are a Key to Change:

You cannot learn without emotions. They influence what we think… say… write by determining the path of brain cell activation. They have the same effect on cells as drugs. “Emotions are the key to how energy heals, how the mind becomes matter, how we can create our own reality, how transformation happens, and how we link to the Divine” (Pert, 2006). Emotions can trigger altered states of consciousness. Through the work of Daniel Goleman, we have more understanding of the importance of emotional and social intelligence in working with individuals and organizations (Goleman, 2006). Vincent Van Gogh demonstrated his understanding of emotions: “Let’s not forget that little emotions are great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it.” We now know that we can understand what is going on in our bodies and make even subtle shifts to dramatically affect our lives. Candace Pert says we are “…more like flickering flames than hunks of meat” (Pert, 2005). We have choices in how energy shapes our lives.

Our Presence Affects Others:

Communication studies share that up to 90% of communication between humans is non-verbal. Your presence is seen and felt before what you are saying registers with another person (Heller, 2005). Presence is the expression of the whole person… a thought… a feeling… a posture. Martha Graham once said: “Movements never lie.” In 1643, Master Samurai Miyamoto Musashi wrote in A Book of Five Rings: “To realize the principle within your own heart, do not just read, memorize or imitate. Instead, study hard to absorb these things into your body.” The flow of your life energy reflects who you are in that moment. It is the presence that is felt by you and those around you. Try this: Curl your upper body down, lean forward, look down to the floor allowing your energy to flow down. Now draw your arms into your body and say: “I love my ___!!!” Can you really say it from this position with expression, feeling it with true joy? Switch to an up and open position allowing your energy to flow up and out the top of your head. Bring your arms out to your sides, lift your head, lean slightly back, and say: “I love my ___!” Can you now feel the joy? You have actually shifted your emotions by shifting the flow of energy within you.

Habits & Beliefs are a Bureaucracy:

We develop habits and beliefs, based on our perceptions or misperceptions. They are expressed in the way we hold and move in our bodies, the thoughts we think, and thus the emotions we experience. We hold onto these habits until things are not working in the way we desire and we pause to observe how we are “being”. Then, we may choose to shift the flow of our life energy so our body, emotions, or language change and we form new habits. Julio Olalla, founder of Newfield Network, writes:

“The kind of individual and collective ‘observer’ we are defines, to an important degree, how we go about living and taking action. Different individuals, different organizations, different cultures bring forth a different world and act in different ways. Transformational learning is a shift in our coherence that allows the emergence of a new observer, one who is able to embrace the mystery of life, aware of the power and limits of conceptual learning, and capable of foreseeing new actions and producing unprecedented results (Olalla, 2004).”

Ontological coaching distinctions support individuals or organizations in becoming different observers. “We only see what we want to believe,” (Pert, 2005). Anais Nin said: “We don’t see things as they are… we seem them as we are.” We create our reality AND we can choose to change our reality. As we become different observers, we change how we move, feel, and communicate because our beliefs about something or someone have changed. The flow of our life energy shifts in response to the energy flows we feel around us and/or in response to the choices we make in how we desire to live. Once we know we have a choice in creating our reality, we can shift the flow of our life energy and support the changes we desire.

Memories are Stored All over the Body:

Memories are stored at the level of the receptor and are all over the body not just in the brain. Emotions are attached to memories and the stronger the emotion, the stronger the memory. Think “9-11” and you will probably recall where you were when it happened in great detail. We can also bury memories and emotions, literally storing them in different parts of our bodies, and they will affect our perceptions, which affect our decisions, behavior, and even our health. Pert calls our body our subconscious mind because of the fact that emotions and memories are stored all over the body (Pert, 2005). If we bring memories gently to the surface, re-experience them and check for their truth, we are allowed to reintegrate disowned parts of self and let go of traumatic patterns. We become “whole” by letting ligands and receptors smoothly coordinate all of our functions (Pert, 2006). Newfield Network ontological coaches call this a “breakthrough” that allows us to shift the observer we are and become who we want to be. Shifting our observer shifts the flow of our life energy.

Eastern Thought + Western Thought = Quantum Physics:

Eastern thought has long held that consciousness is followed by manifestation in the physical: spirit and mind come before the tangible. Western thought has been that the physical universe is “real” and consciousness is a secondary phenomenon. The relatively new Quantum Physics Theories say there is no one, indisputable reality. Each of us resonates what we know to be “true”. Tai Chi Master B.K. Fantzis says: “We become what we practice.” Ontological coaching principles teach us that we can become observers of our body, emotion, and language and then by shifting the flow of our life energy we realize a shift in who we are in this world.

Psychosomatic Network is Vital:

“Psyche” means the mind and “soma” is the body, so the psychosomatic network or psychosomatic healing is based on how the mind and body are linking. The molecules of emotion are the linking elements. “We have a huge say in how life goes. If you have uplifting thoughts, you are building a very different brain than if you have negative ones. Change your mind, change your pain,” (Pert, 2006). Bonnie Poole, Tai Chi Instructor says: “When we release and let go of the tension, a great feeling of expansion and freedom takes place.” If we release in the physical, we increase in fluid movement, vitality, and longevity. In the emotional realm, if we release fear, anger, greed, we have the freedom to act in a new way. Finally, if we release in the mental realm, we allow more creativity and clarity of expression. Poole quotes Master Qian Zhac Hong: “If it’s not more comfortable, more relaxed, and more joyful, you are practicing wrong.” The mind and body are inseparable… shift the flow of life energy and thoughts, emotions, and body position change together. You can choose how you want to be in your life from here.


The brain/body researchers are providing scientific evidence of what many people have understood… some for thousands of years. We create our own reality and thus have great effect on what we become as we live this life. There is a cohesiveness of our bodies, emotions, and language (including our thoughts) linked by the flow of our life energy. They are inseparable and we can more easily become what we want by learning how to shift the flow of life energy to better serve ourselves… and those around us. We are constantly vibrating and attracting our life to us as we shift our bodies, our emotions, and our language as we shift the flow of life energy. If we do not practice ways to shift, we continue to attract what we always have. How do you desire to live your life from here?


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