Tired of saying NO to the things you really want? Feel like you may be missing something but not sure what? Questioning “is this it”? Why are you waiting to live your best life? Why are you waiting to follow your dreams? Why are you waiting at all? It’s time to step into the life you are meant to live – designing your #YESICAN lifestyle for fulfillment, fun and fabulousness.

Speaker Bio
Cathy Alessandra, also known as The YES I CAN Coach, is a dynamic, innovative woman who inspires her international clients and audiences into action. An entrepreneur for over 25+ years, Cathy has owned and published two magazines and has two best-selling books on Amazon with her third book, Dare to Be You: You Were Born to Be Brave, Bold and Fabulous, released in the fall of 2019. She coaches entrepreneurs around the world using her signature YES Method tm and Success System. Her energetic style provides an interactive experience for business owners who want to take their business and life to the next level. She shares her expertise on topics ranging from marketing and networking to leadership and work-life balance.

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Event Location : Online - Zoom, Canada

Contact Number: 250-744-4715

Location : Vancouver Metro, BC

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