In the previous articles that I have written about Yellowstone, I haven’t mentioned Jimmy. However, in the beginning, Jimmy works on the ranch and lives in the bunkhouse, but, as time passes, he ends up going to the 6666 ranch to learn how to be a cowboy.

Now, moving from one ranch to another is not the only change that he experiences as he becomes a very different person over time. One way of looking at his transition would be to say that he goes from a boy to a man

At First

For most of the episodes that he is in, he is made fun of, laughed at and not taken very seriously. A big part of this is that he is like a fish out of water at the ranch and doesn’t really know what he is doing.

Fortunately, he is a hard worker, keeps going and is not aggressive, which helps him to adapt to living on the ranch. He ends up finding that his passion is being a rodeo and he even wins an award.

A Key Moment

This soon comes to an end, though, when he is thrown off a horse during a rodeo competition. But, before this takes place, he meets a barrel racer and there is a strong attraction between them.

She ends up helping him to get back on his feet and from this moment, they are in a relationship. If I remember rightly, Jimmy was surprised when she was attracted to him and couldn’t believe that she was still around after.

It all comes crashing down

After he gets back on his feet, John tells him not to go back to being a rodeo. The trouble is that his girlfriend, Mia, essentially says that, if he doesn’t, she will leave him.

He is then torn between not wanting to end up in a wheelchair and going against John and not wanting to lose his girlfriend. His need to hold onto his girlfriend takes over and he gets back on a horse, only to be thrown off and not being unable to move.

Out of his hands

Once he is back on his feet again, John tells him that he is being sent to the 6666 ranch to learn how to be a cowboy. He tells him that this is his last chance and that he will be representing the Yellowstone ranch when he is there.

Mia tells him that if he goes, it is over between them, and naturally, this has a big impact on Jimmy as he doesn’t really have a choice. But, although, at this point, it seems as though his life is getting worse, it is actually about to get a lot better.

A Different Set-Up

Before Jimmy leaves, Walker tells him how different it is at the 6666 ranch and that there is none of the bullshit that goes on there and that he should stay there, or something similar. His ability to get his head down and do what is necessary allows him to become a better cowboy and win over the other cowboys.

It becomes clear that what Walker said was true and Jimmy benefits from being around people who are different. He is treated with more respect and this, along with all the challenges that he has overcome since he was sent there, has a positive effect on his development.

Another Opportunity

He also meets another woman here, Emily, who he goes for dinner with, and before long, they end up in a relationship. When she asks him how she is different from his ex, he says that his ex was attracted to his potential but she is attracted to who he is right now, or something similar.

From this, it is clear that he is with a woman who is more suitable for him as he doesn’t need to be someone he is not to be with her. This shows that as he is more comfortable in his own skin, he has attracted a woman who reflects this.

A Big Difference

Before, as didn’t really accept himself or have a strong sense of his own worth, he ended up attracting a woman who couldn’t accept him as he was. This was why she wanted him to be someone else in order to be with him.

In addition to developing a stronger sense of himself, he is more grounded in himself, with him no longer being as easy-going or submissive as before. This is something that stands out when goes back to Yellowstone and speaks to Mia, his ex-girlfriend, and stands his ground.

Final Thoughts

Taking all this into account, it shows how important it is for someone to live in an environment that is right for them. Once they are somewhere that is, it will be a lot easier for them to grow, be in their power, and thrive.

Yet, for this to take place, they can need to do a certain amount of work on themselves to realise that there is a better environment for them, let alone that they deserve to live in one. This can take courage, patience and persistence.

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