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About the Installation Amazon subscription
There are many questions in your mind right now about installing prime video on your TV. We will solve all the questions as listed below:

How to subscribe to the activation code?

Visit and sign in with your Amazon account.
If you are new to everything then click on the create account and then give an email id and password. Verify your email address to confirm the account creation.
Then sign in through this account.
Go to the prime section and select the plan.
The plans are available according to the time duration in months.
First, try it for a month. So click on the month package.
Then add the payment method and complete the payment.
This is all about the subscription purchase.
How to use this subscription to Install the Prime video application on your TV?
In this process, you will need a smart TV with an application store installed in it. Then,

Turn on the TV and open the application store or simply play store on the TV.
Then click on the search button in the right corner of your TV screen.
With the help of the remote type ‘ Prime Video’ in the search option.
Select the application of amazon and open it.
Press the install button with the help of a remote.
The download process will start consuming the time to download as well install the amazon prime video application.
Then open the application and observe the screen.
After the start animation of the Prime video application, you will observe the activation code with 4 digits.
Note down this for further usage.
What is the use of the Activation code?
Activation code is used to activate any of the applications. The same is the matter with prime video. Here too the activation code does the same work. This code is unique and can be used as OTP. This code is valid only till the application on your TV is On. If it gets off, then next time there will be a different activation code. So without turning off your TV let’s complete the next process.

How to use the Activation Code to activate the account
Activating the prime account is starting the prime videos on the TV. So for doing this,

Go to the link
Enter the login details i.e. email address as well as password and sign in to your device.
Then enter the Activation code(Here you can get confused with the activation and registration. Both are the same, so no need to confuse).
Then click on the register device button.
Your TV will be registered to your Prime video account and the prime video application will start running on your TV screen.
This is the Proper activation/registration of the application.

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