Use it to boost your Self-Confidence.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, lethargic or depressed? Most people do from time to time. Here is a simple thing that you can do to reinforce your motivation and self-confidence. Read your book of successes. Of course before you read it you must write it.

Take a blank piece of paper or start with a blank document on your computer. Now list out all the things that you have achieved going right back to your childhood. You might have performed in a school play, won a competition, played for the soccer team or passed a piano exam. Include any academic or work related successes. Take your time and add any achievements in any field. When did you face a tough challenge or do something new for the first time? You might add a successful relationship, the birth of a child or overcoming an illness. Put the document away and then keep coming back to it as you remember items. Add the dates if you can. The longer the list the better, so keep going.

Once you have written you book of successes you should use it as a secret potion whenever you face a daunting task. Say you have to give a speech at an industry conference. You feel anxious. Read your book of successes before you go on stage. By reminding yourself of your many different achievements you will build your self esteem and confidence. You will give a better speech.

Keep adding to your book of successes as you go along. It becomes a short selective autobiography. If this goes well you could try writing your book of failures. This serves an entirely different purpose. It stops you becoming complacent or arrogant. It will help you improve but only if you are capable of learning lessons from setbacks by asking yourself, ‘what could I have done differently?’
Start on your book of successes now if you can. When you begin this exercise you might think the list will be quite short but you will probably surprise yourself. It should be an enjoyable thing to do and it can definitely help you to put things into perspective.

Author's Bio: 

Paul Sloane is the author of How to be a Brilliant Thinker published by Kogan Page.