Want to quickly qualify your target audience? Get inside their mind by writing the way your target thinks. It’s easy to do with practice. When you write copy this way, you quickly connect with qualified prospects.

Look at the keywords people type into a search engine box. Those words represent terms and phrases your prospects think. Write copy that sounds like your prospects. It quickly connects you to them in a good way.

Men and Women Are Hardwired to Think Differently About The Same Subject
A man’s brain is hardwired to think differently from the way a woman thinks about the same topic. You can use this knowledge to their advantage when you want them to know you can help them solve their problem.

To help a specific-gendered niche market know you are the only solution for them, write copy that uses their words. Use the brain’s naturally different male-female languages by either speaking ‘female’ or ‘male’ to your target.

Why do you increase sales conversion rates and speed up sales cycles when writing gender-unique marketing copy? It’s a female-male brain thing!

Suppose you are selling school supplies. Your target market is parents. Parents generally will do almost anything to help their kids succeed.

But, dads and moms think differently from each other in how they help their kids succeed. So, as is common practice, make sure you thoroughly know and understand what’s important to your target. Think and write just the way they would think in your marketing copy.

Write Gender Specific Parent Copy
To grab and keep the attention of your gender-specialized target market, write separate copy customized to each gender. Why is that important? Because men and women think differently.

The human brain is actually hardwired so that each gender thinks differently from the other. Look at males speaking a different language from females. Seeing your marketing copy this way, isn’t it just common sense to write marketing copy in a gender-specific way?

For those marketing with a a shotgun approach, how are you sales doing? If they could use some improvement, write copy in a specific instead of unisex way. Writing copy in a unisex way, neither target may fully read your copy. Why is that?

Because copy that starts out sounding like it’s for a man will repel women. And vice versa. Neither gender will think your product or service is specifically for him or her.

You know each individual customer likes to be conversed with in marketing copy as if he or she is your only focus. You can really do this when you start writing genderized copy.

Moms Usually Think In Feeling’s Terms
In our school supply example, a mom typically thinks in ‘feelings’, relationship, togetherness terms. They want to know that buying your school supplies support her goal of helping her children excel academically. So your school supply marketing copy to her needs to include thoughts women think.

Example of Female (Moms) Marketing Copy
For example, in order to attract a mom to buy school supplies, say something appealing to a mom. Your copy could say something like, "For your darling Einsteins-in-training, choose Einsteins-In-Training durable, nylon-enforced notebooks and backpacks. They’re machine washable and guaranteed to last twice as long as our competitors, or your money back.”

Male (Dad) Copy for School Supplies
Dads want their kids to have a competitive edge. So, for Dad, he might be attracted to something like the following: “(Your) State University (football team) use Einsteins-In-Training tough, durable, nylon-enforced notebooks and backpacks. Guaranteed to last two times longer than our competitors, or your money back.”

Speak to your target. Show them that your product or service is the only one they want. Speaking their language is a great way to build a long-term relationship with them.

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Susan Fox, freelance writer, specializes in writing gender-specific, target market copy, autoresponder messages that click, information products and coaches public speakers in calm presentations. Visit her website, www.yoursecretwishes.com for free marketing articles and ebooks.