If you were required to have an opinion, would you classify astrology as a science?

We very often come across the fact that over the issue, people's opinion varies, and endlessly so. This has really been an issue of debate for long.

But let us consider the fact that over centuries, in pages of history, it has so happened, that some of the events were predicted, long before they actually occurred.

So this really goes to say that there is really no reason why we must reject astrology, or try to ignore the power that it actually holds over our life.

Let's try and create a simple definition of Vedic astrology, and that would facilitate a better understanding of the subject.

In a very elaborate way, we could consider Vedic Astrology as a study which specifies how the positioning and movement of celestial bodies has an effect on our being.

So it is the placement and movement of the sun, moon and the planets that astrologers primarily focus on.

We most often perceive Vedic Astrology from the column of weekly horoscopes that we read in newspapers. But in essence, it is very important to understand and recognize that Vedic Astrology is a science, and it roots further that your favorite newspaper column for astrological horoscopes!

It has over time been heard that it the divine faith in supreme power which acts as the guiding light for astrology. And the reasoning part is nearly nonexistent for the same. But most of us would be surprised to know that it is possible to objectively test the claims made by astrology in individual cases!

And, if someone believes that astrology is a new age fad which will last while it must, he/she must realize that astrology is a science which has been in prominence for past 5000 years with an unfazed popularity and belief!

If one has a reason to reject astrology, one must realize that in the past as well, there were ideas which were rejected by people and intellectuals alike, but over time, they were proved to be true without a doubt. Just as an example, the idea that earth could be hit by rocks from outer space was ridiculed, not believed as possible. But over time, with advancement in science and technology, we came to realize for sure that the earth was indeed once hit by meteorites from the outer space, which led to the extinction of many of the species which then prevailed.

And the same played a significant role in evolution of species as well.

In truth, astrology is based on a mechanism; it's a detailed study and also an ocean of knowledge.

Let us take another example which would let us understand the power astrology actually wields over our lives.

If we do not understand the mechanism of a happening, it really is no reason to reject the evidence which is clearly evident.

Just as an example, we know that compass has been used to know about the directions for millennia, people had evidence but not the mechanism.

And it was in the 20th century that the magnetic field of earth was discovered.

In the same way, there is every reason that we will over course of time find a scientific explanation which would prove the prowess of astrology, for the world to see!

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