Market specialization has allowed companies to tailor their operations in order to provide the finest services to their clients. Cellular companies, for instance, provide an extensive array of services to their clients ranging from mobile SIMs, top-up options, and a plethora of different packages to choose from. They cater to consumers as well as corporate clients, providing network solutions as well. A lot of physical products are also introduced by these companies, such as scratch cards, mobile SIMs, and a lot more. Do you really think that these companies have separate manufacturing units where they manufacture these chips and cars? Most of these companies already have very high operational costs and have to maintain cell towers, so it's difficult for them to set up a dedicated manufacturing plant. Instead, these companies opt for SIM and scratch card suppliers.

Many companies work behind the scenes in order to make sure that these scratch cards and SIM cards that you buy are readily available. One of these companies is Workz Group. Workz Group is widely regarded as one of the most prolific providers of IoT and mobile solutions. The company mainly offers B2B solutions and works with many of the world’s leading cellular companies.

Workz Group was founded over 20 years ago by Brad Taylor and Tor Malmros. The two were already veterans in the mobile industry, and it wasn’t long before Workz was the preferred choice for leading operators. Within a few years, Workz’ presence grew in the manufacturing industry, and currently has offices in Ireland, UAE, Germany, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, Senegal, USA, and Hong Kong. Recently, the company appointed Stephane Fund as the group CEO.

The company has grown significantly in the past few years and in 2018, acquired Elatec CSS, a major manufacturer of security cards in Germany. Workz has had a good 2018. It’s the first manufacturer the Middle East and Africa to receive the GSMA certification for the production of the SIM with eUICC software – a key component in the Internet of Things sector that will enable the remote management of devices over cellular networks. In fact, Workz Group is only the sixth in the world to have acquired this accreditation.

The Nilson Report, for the third time in a row, ranked Workz as the number one scratch card manufacturer in 2018. The company is currently one among the top 10 SIM card manufacturers in the world. Workz offers eSIM remote provisioning for consumer and M2M devices, SIM card development, OTA management and supply chain management in addition to scratch card and SIM card manufacturing. Workz Group continues to grow and has diversified its product portfolio to offer the best to their customers.

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