In most people's daily lives, their work is a daunting place to be, and the job is stressful for them to do. Waking up in the morning and getting dressed for going to an office crammed with people is stressful enough for most people. Employees responsible for providing 8 to 9 hours at the workplace often don't have good remarks about their work and remain in stress and fatigued.

Sometimes the stress can also be the cause of trouble at home that makes an employee unperformed at work. However, most workplaces do indulge in placing pressure over their employees or have to do so to get work done. And this can be a major reason for them to be sorrowful.

A workplace should provide a healthy environment for employees to help them deliver profitable results. For the employers and managers of a workplace, it should be a top priority to keep employees on the best of their health and content. This is a principal responsibility of them but is forgotten under piles of work and competitive market.

As a manager, you may have to deal with stress daily from the upper handle of the company, but this can be relieved with a good output from employees. For this, you have to take up every employee individually and provide them with things like personal growth and comfort in the company to relieve stress.

The following are some more approaches to dealing with stress in employees and making a workplace the happiest and healthiest dwellings for them to work and be in:

What Can be Classified as Work Stress

There is no one way of clarifying stress. This is since every person senses stress differently and has various coping methods for it. The most common thing a stressful person at work shows is fatigue and sluggishness. Even morning coffees don't work on these individuals. Stress can also be headaches and stomach aches in some people. And if this stress is not taken care of and develops into severe health conditions it is to be compensated by the workplace.

Common Sources of Stress

If you think that the stress an employee is going through is due to their personal issues, over 80% of the country's employees feel stress on the job. Most people have even said that their job was the start of their stress and anxiety. Workplaces can transfer stress in a number of ways, prominent to the employees and mangers while some are hidden.

Employees' main factors to stress at work can be workloads, unfavorable conditions, and excessive intensity of work than capacity or skillset, less to no support, no growth, or development. There can be several more reasons like overpowering colleagues, unchallenging tasks can also be stressful as well as repetitive ones. Stress can also arise due to unfavorable situations or events occurring on a regular basis. Hence, there are many ways to place pressure inside a firm and make employees feel strained.

Dangers of Stress

Anxiety and workload can be a much bigger headache for you if not dealt with timely. Employees working under stressful conditions and unfavorable health conditions can develop dangerous symptoms. Fatigue may be the most recurring consequence of stress but can be developed into complications like anemia, high blood pressure, headaches, and more. If an accident occurs when an employee suddenly feels faint due to over stress and falls, it will be the company's responsibility, and the manager has to take care of the hurt employee.

What Can You Be Doing Wrong

No matter where the stress started, the one to give it a push start has to be someone in the workplace, including you. You may or may not realize, but some of your actions could make employees feel stressed, while they aren't able to inform you. As a manager, you could be wrong with communicating with the employees the right way for them to feel relaxed and talk about their issues with you.

Unrealistic expectations can also fix up employees for failure to set unhealthy goals and a debauched sense of well-being. Other than that, some precedes can be low wages assigned to good quality workers, not defining career arcs for some, and so on. So before calling out an employee for not performing the best, make sure to question your actions as their manager and see if you are doing anything erroneous.

Can Stress at Work be Managed

Stress induced in an employee may not be anyone's fault and simply due to their pain in becoming a better employee at the firm or adjusting with the ever-increasing competition in the world. However, fault or not, the stress produced in a workplace is often put aside and never engaged with either by managers or employees themselves thinking of it as an expensive thing to deal with.

Many managers tend to think that including programs to help employees progress a healthier workplace to relive stress can be bad for the firm's workload or progression. However, stress can be managed well under a firm by merely appointing some easy techniques and providing more support.

Some Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety in Employees

Making stress management easy for employees in the workplace is not more diffulct than implementing some methods to develop and advance career and personal life. The following are some such easy to implement and improvement techniques for stress control and relieve:

Career Wise

Set Realistic Goals

Employees need a direction with their work to idealize how long they will have to conduct the same position and move to higher grounds in the company. They want better earning opportunities, and the firms that provide them an outlook have the happiest employees. For this reason, when an employee joins the firm or completes a milestone, you can offer them a comprehensive list of goals and career advancements they can achieve in the firm so that they never stress about it.

Recognition and Feedback

Some people working under companies aren't that career-oriented and just want to earn some dough to go by, but most employees like to know how their work is administered or engaged. This can come as providing recognition to employees from time to time for their effort in the company. Constructive feedback can be a great source of stress relief for most employees and help them set better goals for themselves.

Psychological Wise

Progressive mental health is vital for a healthy work environment. For people with creative jobs, better mental health is necessary 24/7. Thus, working with a nine to five and not having the right mindset to mentally handle the job can be quite stressful for employees. The following are some ways you can make it easy for them:


The mind is a powerful thing and can be controlled, but it depends on the person; however, they want to control it to move forward in life. Engaging in mindfulness at work can help employees broaden their capacity to take in stressful work and not feel the pressure. This can help them advance better in their careers and juggle lesser stress.


The human body needs relaxation after a couple of hours of continuous work or could go into stress and mental problems due to exhaustion. This is why you must allow or advise workers to take relaxing breaks and intervals in between work.


A smile or a virtuous word from you early in the morning can help make employees' days and relieve stress. Being a manager, you can have a good effect on the employees if you show kindness and help them go through difficult life instances. The way you provide to your employees' hopes and motivations and help they move forward with constructive criticism and recognizing efforts can also help them move away from stress and work pressure.


Employees get more physically exerted on jobs even if they have to sit all day. These 9 to 5s end up ruining some employees' physical health and making things difficult for others with physical appearance issues. Help them by adopting some techniques below:

Flexible Environment

Helping employees work in flexible environments is the best way to make them relax their bodies and mind. As a result of flexible hours for those who have tight schedules, you can help them avoid running around to make errands meet and hurt their body. You can allow early leaves once in a while and provide work from home for those who need it.

Meet Rights

Accidents are inevitable even at workplaces, and as a result of overwork, an employee can also suffer from injuries if continued for extended phases. For this reason, when an employee suffers from an injury, their most significant orifice of stress can be injuries and continuation of job. Make sure that you set in place the right policies to help injured or overstressed employees get benefits from the company. You can also appoint an Orange County criminal lawyer to evolve the workers' comp benefits of injured employees with them.


Every 5 minutes or so, you can make your employees rest their eyes and stretch out to help them stay fit while working. You can also encourage them to take walks or jog in between work intervals and revive their mind in addition to keeping up with physical fitness. A yoga or workout gym can also be facilitated for employees to help them stay on top of their body and mind health with work.

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