Remember the last time you pulled something heavy, jumped, or powered through a squat and sprained your muscles. Have you ever thought of giving some support to these delicate areas of your body while working out or doing heavy physical work? A tight core and rigid legs play a major role during heavy movements. You may have used raised-heel squat shoes or the same purpose but how about wearing a woman’s leather weightlifting belt ?

Weightlifting belts are becoming increasingly popular among women these days not just during squatting or deadlifting but also while doing:

1. Overhead press or push-press work

2. Olympic lifts, both heavy and light

3. Barbell or dumbbell rows

4. Metcon workouts

Weightlifting Belt

It is well known and no surprise that belts allow you to lift more but what you are unaware of is that weightlifting belts for women also protect your lower back through the hardest reps. These hard pushing and pulling exercises may otherwise inadvertently be wrecking your pelvic floor, which can have far-reaching consequences that you'd definitely rather avoid.

Now you must be wondering what are pelvic floor muscles and how can you damage them while working out?

A pelvic floor is a group of muscles present at the bottom of your pelvis supporting pelvic organs such as the bowel, bladder, and uterus. Pelvic floor muscles play a major role in preventing your bladder or bowel from leaking during heavy squats, box jumps, or even jumping rope. By now, you must have realized what is being talked about here.

Aspiring woman lifters are often confused or afraid to ask whether they should be training using a female weightlifting belt. Unaware of the many benefits that the belt imparts, women tend to workout with the belt and lead to their body especially back getting injured badly.

How is Weightlifting Belt Beneficial?

Along with providing utmost support and care to your back, strapping on a belt also meets gym fashion quota hence looking tough under the bar. The stiff leather or other fabric of the belt restricts undue movements of your back during heavy lifting and allows you to brace against it. This in turn generates more intra-abdominal pressure required to appropriately squeeze the abs and lift more. The more intra-abdominal pressure, the more supported your spine will be, and the heavier the weight you will be able to lift.

The intra-abdominal pressure increased during strength training by weight lifting belt provides more stability to the spine and rigidity to the core when you perform a movement like a squat, deadlift, or overhead press.


Wearing a weightlifting belt for women is extremely crucial while hitting heavy reps to boost their confidence and allow them to lift more. Additionally, individuals who are preparing for competitions or doing high-intensity training must wrap a leather weightlifting belt around them.

Add stability and consistency to your lifting pattern by wearing a suitable weight lifting belt and lift safely and confidently!

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