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Back in 2018, there were 5% people who used to work from their homes. No one knew what work from home looks like! But since the rise of the pandemic, COVID-19, companies shifted to working from home. It was a massive shift. The potential of work from home was unknown and still we are looking forward to a future looking technology like work from home. A massive improvement in performance of the workers was found from the people who shifted to work from home technology.

If you are looking for assignment helpers who can make your assignments professional then ours is the best. Go through our website to find the best assignment writing service. In 2020, the ability to work from home has become a norm for many companies and businesses. It is estimated that 70% of the workforce will be from home at least 5 days a week. So, this is just the beginning of the trend and there is more to see in this trend.

Why will it increase?

In a survey, it was estimated that people working from home will double in 2021 and there will be an increase in permanent remote work. Many CEOs of the companies adopted a policy to allow the employees to work from home indefinitely, even after the offices reopen. This is a positive step towards looking at the safety of the employees in such a pandemic. Moreover, the need for large physical office spaces will gradually lessen. Many retailers are selling their brand-new corporate campus. Many companies are also planning a new combination of remote and on-site working models. The CMO of the companies are suggesting to have a specific day for in-person meetings and collaboration and allocating the other days for remote work. In person meetings are reserved for brainstorming sessions, introduction of new projects or team-building exercises, and remote days would be for performing the work. Moreover, they are planning to redesign and reorganize the offices by getting rid of cubicles and creating more space.

It is seen as a good potential as long distances can be cut short with online working. In an era of social distancing, it is important to bridge the gap otherwise nothing will work faster. We all know that travelling long distances makes us feel tired and stressed which impacts the productivity of the employees. It is not possible that every person has their own vehicles though in developed countries 80% commute in their own vehicles. It is difficult to wait in the traffic junctions and wasting some litres of petrol and gasoline is also a major problem that is avoided after working from home.

The employee productivity also increased as they don’t have to feel stress anymore as they do not have to use vehicles. Home based workers have lower stress levels resulting in better quality of life. They can focus better when working from home as there are no telephone calls, buzz and clutter, pesky colleagues, etc.

Companies are facing difficulties in attracting excellent talent and skilled personnel as they are unwilling to relocate. But in the work from home scenario, companies are able to do so. Moreover, employers can save on relocation costs for the hired employee. Staff attrition is a major advantage as they can retain the talent of workers much more easily and do not have to lay them off. Single parents and highly skilled professionals can be retained by offering work from home jobs.

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