Lots of us live with work related stress. I did for a very long time. I didn’t handle it well. I seemed to be in a constant state of upset, as my high stress job impacted on my life and on my emotions. My boss was a jerk, my deadlines were unrealistic, and I was only noticed if I screwed up. Not a pleasant way to exist.

When I could no longer stand the unending stress and accompanying headaches (and lets not forget the crying binges) I started looking around for a magic bullet. No more talking therapy. I’d been there and done that and found it totally ineffective. This was the point at which I stumbled across EFT.

I devoured everything I could find online about EFT, and then ordered a couple of books. It looked like it might be something that could really help me, so I started tapping.

At first it was kind of embarrassing. After a particularly bad meeting or a run-in with the boss, a coworker would walk into my office and find me tapping away. Despite my embarrassment and the skepticism of coworkers, I tapped on, and found that after 2 or 3 rounds of tapping, my anxiety level came right down, and I felt much more relaxed and in control.

No longer did I have to go through entire days with my body tied up in knots from stress and anxiety. Now I was able to quickly and easily get myself calmed down. I could neutralize the anger (there was lots of that) and tap until I no longer felt in danger of breaking down in tears. It didn’t make my job any better, but it did allow me to deal with both job and boss in a much more reserved and professional manner.

EFT can do the same for you. If you are also dealing with job stress, and finding yourself upset, angry or at the end of your rope, give EFT a try. Just a few minutes of tapping can make a big difference, and can give you the ability to keep a smile on your face, because you now know a secret that those around you don’t.

Author's Bio: 

Pat Burns is an EFT practitioner in Tallahassee, Florida specializing in working with those with self esteem issues, inner child issues and adoption related issues. Contact Pat at pat@seeking-serenity.com or visit her website at http://seeking-serenity.com.