If you are on the lookout for genuine home-based work opportunities, you may already know how frustrating the process can be. All you can find in the name of “work-at-home” jobs in the Sunday classifieds and on the Internet reek of scam.

Before you give in the urge to try one of these options against your better judgment and out of sheer desperation, we have a few work-from-home job ideas that you could try your hands at. What’s so special about these jobs?

Well, for one, they are legitimate careers and won’t trick you into parting with your personal information or precious money. Second, it’s possible to secure these jobs after completing only relevantcareer training programs.

At a time when the cost of college has gone through the roof, these careers provide a ray of hope to individuals seeking flexibility in their professional life without having to pay through their nose to get trained in them.

Medical Transcription: This is perhaps one of the most popular and genuine work-at-home jobs. According to the data available on the website of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical transcriptionists held about 105,200 jobs in 2008 and many of them worked from home-based offices. *

The website also states that employers prefer to hire medical transcriptionists who have completed postsecondary medical transcriptionist training offered by many vocational schools.

Since the job of a medical transcription involves transcribing doctor dictations into patient records, clinical correspondence and other healthcare related documents, it’s important for them to not just understand, but also be able to interpret complex medical terminology.

Consequently, a medical transcriptionist training program includes coursework in anatomy, medical terminology, healthcare documentation, etc. Additionally, courses in typing skills, English grammar, and writing are also incorporated into a medical transcription program.

Medical Billing & Coding: This profession is part of the larger healthcare information management discipline and involves using a classification system to assign codes to each and every diagnoses and procedure performed at a healthcare facility. These coded documents are then used for billing patients and/or their health insurance carriers.

The job of a medical coding and billing specialist is vital for maintaining proper patient records and ensuring that healthcare practitioners are paid for the services rendered. On the face of it, the work may look simple, but these professionals deal with the pressure of managing tons of data and achieving 100 percent accuracy on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why, medical coding and billing professionals need thorough knowledge and deep understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, clinical classification and coding systems, healthcare reimbursement procedures, etc. that only a formal career training programin this field can provide.

Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistants or VAs are a class of professionals that provide administrative, clerical and secretarial support to clients on a contract basis from their home or any other remote location. And who are these clients, you may ask.

Well, virtually anyone who needs a person to complete routine everyday tasks like responding to emails, scheduling appointments, managing files, making travel arrangements, setting up and maintaining a website and blog, conducting online research, create promotional material, perform basic SEO activities, and other such chores.

It could be a small business owner, an executive or a home-based entrepreneur who cannot afford to have a full-time personal assistant on his/her payroll.

If you’re wondering how one starts this work at home career, the answer is simple. Invest in an administrative assistant career training program to acquire the skills you need to get started as a virtual assistant. What may further boost your marketability is professional certification offered by organizations like the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA).



Author's Bio: 

Nancy is a 35-year old stay at home mom of two. She worked as a medical assistant for five years before taking a break to be with her children. Her experience as a medical assistant gave her valuable insights in to the medical transcription industry, which she likes to share with others through her writing. Medical transcription training often finds mention in her writings. Being an SAHM, Nancy is a huge exponent of online vocational training programs that provide women like her the power to be their own boss.

Her other interests include gardening and baking. She stays with her husband and two daughters.