Many schools, restaurants, universities, businesses, sporting & cultural institutions have been shut down for months. These measures were taken by global governments to enforce social distancing and flatten the curve. Even medical experts have been urging people to practice social distancing voluntarily.
It was emphasized that everybody practices social distancing – be it persons who have not been affected by the virus, those considered to be at high-risk, and those who are seriously ill. As this is not a drill, it is important to practice social distancing with video conferencing solutions.
But, what is social distancing?
Explained simply, the idea of social distancing is maintaining a distance of at least six feet between you and other people. Minimizing contact with people, avoid public transportation, work from home, limiting non-essential travel, and skipping social gatherings are a means to inhibit the spread.
Talking about how restaurants can take several measures to operate restaurants in a safe environment, and making customers feel comfortable & secure. Along with masked customers and servers, restaurant tables have been moved into open areas like parking lots and streets. Indoor seating is limited to a fraction of the space capacity, and other restaurant owners are coming up with novel ideas to do whatever they can to keep their restaurant business running, and even grow.

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In these crises, we would encourage restaurant owners to promote their website for customers to order and pay online. To ensure customers feel secure and content while eating in restaurants, owners have taken several measures to keep them comfortable. Maintaining health & hygiene at restaurants is a top priority, and maintaining social distancing to reduce capacity are some of the measures owners can take to operate and grow their restaurant business.