8th March the international women’s day was recently celebrated around the globe. The day solely dedicated to celebrate the womanhood and to highlight the issues women have to face around the world, be it’s about the violation of their basic human rights, the discriminatory behaviors they had to face in any aspect or it’s about their health. The day is devoted to talk about all these issues of women internationally.

Women’s health was the motto for this year

Every year the UN sets a motto for women’s day and then according to that it is celebrated. This year the UN decided to talk about women’s health and all the problems regarding to that. Women face multiple health issues but the most major, and crucial of all the problems are child birth and its complications.

The countries which are under development and lack a proper medical infrastructure, there the women suffer through a lot of health problems during their gestational period.

Lack of awareness is the big killer

Apart from lack in the facilities available, the lack of awareness is the bigger killer. Women don’t even know what their problems are, and even if they know they are not aware of their solutions or have the idea that what they should do. In South Asian countries like India and Pakistan women still prefer to go to midwives rather getting themselves checked by the best gynecologist who are practicing in the gynecology hospital nearby.

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Women’s mortality rate in South Asia during child birth is alarming

According to a survey India stands on second place in women’s mortality rate during child birth, right next to Nigeria which is sitting on the first place, whereas Pakistan is standing on the sixth place. The solution for this is to create awareness among the people regarding women health issues and also provide them with better and planned medical infrastructures.

MASH is the ray of hope

Mukhtar A. Shaikh is a newly established state of the art hospital in Southern Punjab. It is one of its kind tertiary health care unit in the city of Multan and suburbs. The 3000 bedded hospital has every medical facility and equipment to undertake all the medical procedures, be it radiology in Pakistan or any surgery, MASH has everything to facilitate the locals. Specially the women.

Gynecology Hospital

MASH has a specialized department of gynecology, which is so well equipped that it is considered as a gynecology hospital. The department is run under the supervision of the most experienced and the best gynecologist in the country, along with well-trained paramedical staff.

MASH is creating awareness

MASH is building trust among the locals that they should visit the best gynecologist in MASH rather rushing to a midwife. Since the hospital is operational in the locality, a massive fall in the death rate of women while giving birth is witnessed.Earlier the women were not even aware of gestational diabetes and suffered a lot due to this by losing their children, but MASH keeps regular checkups of their patients and advise them proper medications and precautions which is necessary for their and their children’s health and growth.

MASH is thriving to provide the best medical services in the area, aiming to uplift the living standards of the locals and women in particular. It is a great support for the health department in Pakistan, the time is not far when it will be considered as the best hospital in Pakistan.

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