If you are tired of carrying around your excess body fat, you need to learn how to WOG. Those who have added WOGs to their life are finding that losing weight is finally easy. You do not need to join an over-crowded gym or purchase expensive equipment.

The WOG is going to be your new best friend. You will be able to exercise for a shorter amount of time with better results. The WOG is a combination of a walk and a jog. You will be walking most of the time, but jogging for a few minutes every 3-4 minutes to get your heart rate into a fat-burning range. You will want to allow 15-20 minutes for your WOG daily.

Don't worry if you have never jogged in your life, it is not as hard as you think. You do not need to bring your knees up and bounce like the Olympic runners on TV. All you need to be able to do is to to step up a regular walk into a slow jog. Speed and style are not important.

Start out walking at a medium pace with your arms swinging at a 90-degree angle. After 2 or 3 minutes, slowly jog for 1 minutes. Return to a brisk walk for 3 minutes. Continue to alternate your brisk walking with slow jogs for at least 15 minutes.

Go for your WOG at least 5 days each week. It is often easier to think in terms of which 2 days you will skip, instead of which 5 days you need to schedule your WOG. I like to think of Monday and Friday as my days off. Remember, WOGGING 5 days per week is only a total commitment of one hour and 15 minutes each week. You spend more time than this just watching commercials on TV.

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Jill Fleming is an award winning speaker, author & Registered Dietitian. She has a Masters Degree in Nutritional Sciences. She has been energizing and empowering audiences to listen to and love their bodies since 1993. She is a very media-savvy spokesperson for the non-diet approach to wellness. She is a frequent guest on radio and talk shows. She was even the cover-girl for Woman's World Magazine March 2005.

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