In the past few years, the advancements we have seen in the world of tech are simply unprecedented. While we get our heads around one thing, some other tech releases to boggle our minds to the core. For instance, while we were admiring the elegant strokes on that canvas pondering how we're among the few who get to admire this eloquent piece of art, there came Portia De Rossi, with an idea of her own. The world of art dubs this idea as, "General Public".

Think of the same scenario where we're standing there admiring one of the greatest works of art of all time. While we admire the art, others around the globe are deprived of it. The sheer act of cruelty, isn't it, to let an elite set of few appreciate the brilliance of art, while others are left to hear stories of the brilliant masterpiece created in another part of the world. Portia De Rossi stood up to put an end to this madness. She believed in letting every artist, may he or she be in whichever part of the world, to get to admire the beauty of a piece of art. How, you ask? Well, that’s where 3D-priniting technology of the modern age comes into play.

3D-Printing Technology

Portia De Rossi, founder of the General Public urges that every single person who loves art, must be able to admire it, throughout his life. Using this contemporary technology, Portia replicates the paintings in the most accurate manner, stroke by stroke, and then sells those replicas to the General Public, hence the name. This allows the numerous art lovers around the world to buy a certain piece of art that moves them, and keep it with them to praise its beauty every minute of every day.

This 3D printing technology is dubbed, “Synograph” which is a one-of-its-kind technology produced by the General Public itself. Synograph is a patented technology that offers a far realistic copy of a painting as compared to a 2D counterpart.

The Artist’s Perspective

The motto with which General Public works is, “Support Artists, not art!” This was yet another reason why Portia wanted the General Public to thrive. According to her, and many others who agree to her, an artist's work and effort should be admired by the world, not by a selected group of people. This is where making 3D replicas of paintings help as it allows more than one person to buy, take home, and praise the work of an artist.

On the other hand, an artist puts a whole lot of time and effort into one of his paintings. Having the original sold once does not offer much financial cushion to that artist, making it difficult for the artists’ community to survive. By having 3D replicas, one painting can be sold across the globe to as many admirers as there are, creating a decent revenue stream that compliments the hours put into that particular painting.

Since the inception in 2017, General Public has received quite a lot of hype from the art-lovers and celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Courteney Cox, and more. This state-of-the-art venture has also been a common feature in LA Times, Vogue, Hollywood Reporter, and several other magazines. Learn more about the next in artistry by visiting General Public’s official website,

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