By now we all know the Secret: decide what you want, and believe that it will come your way. The more you believe, the quicker it comes your way. Right? Then why does it not work? Why are we not all very rich and healthy and happy by now?

There are a few other factors that we need to be aware of when we want to apply the Secret.

The first factor is our own resistance against anything new. You say you don’t resist anything new? OK, let’s try this. Let me tell you that I have discovered the cure for all cancers. What are your immediate thoughts?

I bet you have a number of “yes, but” and “what if” thoughts in your head. Now, if I did discover the cure for cancer and you had cancer, that cure would not work for you, because your thoughts block the cure.

This is the case with everything we want in this life. We intuitively know that everything is possible. We then consciously place obstacles in the way. These obstacles range from emotional to financial to scientific and other “facts”.

Why do I doubt the validity of those “facts”?

Imagine the existence of a quantum vacuum in which everything is possible. Just for a moment put all your doubts aside and play along. Now imagine that you want nothing, and that all you ever have to do is listen for the vibration of that quantum vacuum.

Whenever the quantum vacuum vibrates, you identify that vibration. You identify the fact that there is an opportunity, and conditions are perfect for you to create what you want. You can create an object, an experience, a person, a feeling, anything that would please you at that moment.

What do you do with that vibration?

Do you feel the vibration with deep gratitude and create what you feel like at the moment?

The answer is probably “no”. At this point your brain kicks in and interprets that perfect vibration. Then you embroider on that perfect vibration until it becomes what you expect, based on your own past experience and anticipation of the future. By the time you are finished, the vibration has lost its perfection and become your creature – your monster.

Sometimes those expectations are so subtle that you are barely aware of it, and you have to do a lot of introspection to identify the obstacle and put it into words. For example, if you live in a reality where most people share the same beliefs, and you “know” only the minority of people win the lottery. But what are your own beliefs about gambling, creation, your personal power, money and so on? What do you truly believe?

At other times your expectations are very clear, and you can list a dozen reasons why you have never won the lottery, including a conspiracy theory and the very good reasons why you never buy a ticket.

What are you doing about these beliefs? Do you justify them, or do you see them as the obstacles you create yourself every time you feel the quantum vibration?

Another thing that impacts on the success of applying the Secret is your own intention when you choose what you want. Do you choose with a sense of a purpose and a deep sense of knowing that what you ask for already is? Or do you wish and wish and wish with a sense of desperation for something that will help you escape the mess you do not want to deal with?

If you want one thing to escape something else, stop wasting your energy. Rather deal with what you have already created. Get your existing obstacles out of the way. Acknowledge the perceptions and biased judgement that you have right now, and get that out of the way.

Then wait for that quantum vibration, and when you feel it, remember that the quantum vibration creates conditions for creation. You do the creation. Do you want to create doubts and obstacles, or do you want to create joy and gratitude?

A third factor is what I call the “Hidden plan”. We come into this life with a pre-destined agenda. As we grow up, we develop a cultural “amnesia” of our own plan. We assume the general thinking that life is hard, and we focus on winning the struggle.

If we change that assumption to say that life is a lesson in eternity, we start to look out for the lesson. We become aware of the experiences, people and things that will bring us closer to the conclusion of the lesson. When we have this awareness, we are in a much better position to recognise the quantum vibration when we feel it. We become aware of where we are and where we are heading. We interpret the quantum vibration in line with what we intuitively feel is our destiny for this life, and we create people, experiences and things which bring us closer to that destiny. This is when we use the Secret to live our life plan.

The one factor that always results in the Secret not working, is the thoughts we attach to the quantum vibration. The Secret works simply because we allow it to work. We have the power, and the power lies in our thoughts processes.

The Secret always works, then we attach thoughts to the result based on our own prejudices and fears, then we put these objections in words, and then we take the action to prove ourselves right. In other words, step one is successful, and then we use steps two, three and four to disprove step one’s success.

We are weird creatures. We spend 1% of our time listening to the quantum vibration, 49% of the time creating our own stress and disappointment, and 50% of the time searching for a culprit. And we are the only ones who can change that.

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