Mobile optimization should be the topmost priority for every business or brand running a website, as the major amount of traffic is coming from smartphones. It is necessary for every Website Designing Company In India to make their as well as the website they are designing for clients responsive for mobile. A lot of algorithm updates have been released by Google in the past few years in favor of the websites that give a strong mobile experience. If your website isn’t mobile responsive then you must look for the reasons why is it happening so. We have covered some of the reasons below:

Your Site Is Not Mobile-Friendly:
It is the most common reason why your website is not working on the mobile device. This actually means that it is not fitting on different screens, which it has to be from the SEO perspective. This mistake generally happens as you make the design that is suitable for desktop screens but not for the smaller screens like mobile. You have to create your content keeping all devices in mind and you can use JavaScript and other codes which make it optimized for all the screens.

Website Isn’t Optimized For Mobile-First Indexing:
Mobile-First indexing means that Google will show the mobile version of the website by default on the small screen sizes and if the mobile version isn’t available, it will show the desktop version in an unarranged or unorganized manner. For mobile-first indexing, you should ensure that desktop and mobile pages have similar content. All your pages should have the necessary Metadata and must be verified in the search console.

Slow Mobile Pages:
A good web page does not take more than 3 seconds to load whereas an average web page takes around 15 seconds to load. Slow loading times can make you suffer your website rankings. Your developers should make page speed their first priority while making a website to resolve the issue.

Site Consists Of Pop-Ups/Interstitials:
Most of the websites use multiple popups or interstitials to do the promotion of their brand or mobile application. These popups are not only annoying but leave a negative impact on the user when they are navigating any of your web pages, especially on mobile. To avoid this issue you should use an attractive banner instead of these annoying pop-ups to promote your content.

Not Optimized For Touch:
This is one of the most overlooked features, which can affect navigation. Touch elements on the website should be large enough to interact with and you should not squeeze too many clickable buttons in a very small space on the website as it makes people click the wrong button. You should find the largest set of thumbs to test your site on mobile.

Keeping these above points in mind, let us gather up the points that you need to focus on making a website mobile responsive. There are a lot of facts that you should keep in mind while designing a website. Navigation, Loading Time, Page Layout, Element Sizes, Content, Web Forms, Touch Elements, File Sizes are the main key points that one should focus on while designing a responsive website as they may otherwise affect the user experience.

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