A sales team works more efficiently when they have fewer administrative tasks at hand. According to a Salesforce blog, sales reps spend more than two-thirds of their time doing manual work, such as record keeping, managing tools, lead management, data entry, etc. Do you know what this means?

This simply means that most sales teams lack the right resources, like a CRM mapping tool, to automate essential tasks! Let’s break down what a CRM mapping tool is and why your company's sales teams need it so that they can give you stellar returns without pushing too hard.

=> What is a CRM Mapping Tool?

The CRM mapping tool takes the customer's data in your CRM software and shows their location on the map. Put simply, a mapping plugin like Dynamics 365 Map turns complex tables of CRM data into a visual map.

With this tool, sales teams don't have to struggle with boring sheets with names and numbers crammed in! The tool helps teams plot the records on a map, making it easier to understand the data. Moreover, the tool has multiple features that allow you to make your sales efforts more profitable. Some of the best mapping plugin features are route planning, color-coding pushpins, plotting related records, etc.

Furthermore, the CRM mapping plugin lets sales teams and reps keep track of all the customers and manage the lead more effectively. One can also see the data plotted on the map and use it to find potential markets, areas with higher revenues, etc.

=> Benefits of Having a CRM Mapping Tool

To elevate your sales strategies, consider using a CRM mapping tool such as Dynamics 365 Map! Why? Well, let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

* Efficient routing

In the past, sales reps did most things manually, such as selecting customers in the same proximity and creating routes. Moreover, they spent valuable time finding routes and waiting in traffic, only to arrive late for their 1:1 appointments.

However, since the advent of mapping tools, reps can now find quick routes supported by real-time traffic updates! With a button click, the tool creates an automatic route once you select which customers you want to visit.

* View customer pins on the map

Using Dynamics 365 Map, you can swiftly improve your territory management and elevate your performance. You can see where your customers are most concentrated, where you will have limited opportunities, which areas still need to be covered, and so on.

Put simply, mapping is the quickest way sales teams can improve their strategies and gain maximum returns.

* Automate activities

Dynamics 365 Map automatically captures activities like check-in and check-out times for sales reps. This feature lets sales reps focus on what they do best—'selling'—without worrying about the tedious data entry!

* Easy data analysis

Data analysis is complicated when dealing with millions or billions of customers' data! However, the CRM mapping tool makes things easier by allowing your sales teams to:

** Monitor the leads
** See customer density on the heat map
** Access follow-up data
** Review activities
** Configure color-coded pins for essential record items!

* Assign tasks

With Dynamics 365 Map, you can also easily assign sales reps to appointments with multiple customers. Previously, assigning tasks to sales reps took hours. But, with the map plugin, your CRM data is systematically displayed on the map, allowing managers to distribute work across teams efficiently.

=> Hit Big Numbers with Dynamics 365 Map

A CRM mapping tool is unquestionably necessary for sales teams! The tool helps them follow up on leads, find new markets, and close deals more effectively.

So, when choosing the right CRM mapping tool, you can never go wrong with Dynamics 365 Map. It is specifically built to help companies with better route planning and keep team members on the same page with features like note-taking.

Furthermore, if you want to leverage these advantages, get the best CRM mapping tool for Dynamics!

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